UK server - RO server

london ivan

Good evening, dear UK
How will you feel tomorrow when the protection falls?
Are you well prepared?
What predictions do you have about this world?
Do the alliances from Romania or those from the UK server win?

We wish you all a friendly game, and please, no insults, no racism, and let's play a close match.

Good luck to everyone, and let's get to work, everyone.

p.s. if there is anyone from Colchester, tag them, and maybe we can go out for a beer or bring together the grepolis community in the UK.



The one from the Balkans will win :cool:
let me cry a bit...but not cry ,just put some tears when i smile same time...
i have seen allready here one balkan team, where the coat of arms and the picture in alliance annoycement was more important and discussable than citye what was under revolt and did not got any hahahahahhahah...Balkan boys coming...



Beer Wench

We deserve an answer!

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Red-Haired Shanks
Beer Wench today at 06:47
In your profile you mention that you want idiots and golders to leave you alone. First, all about dat. Second, If we ascribe a negative value to a negative answer, which seems more than fair. More fair than an American learning that the God save the Queen song has alternate lyrics. Shocker that I bet. Sorry where was I... yes.. Secondly, If we ascribe said value, (see paragraph 1 subset 3.) of negative it is quite predictable we end up with a positive. Two negatives do comport a positive. Therefore as an idiot golder I felt compelled, no religiously induced, to not leave you alone.