Ultimate Disband


Let him in! I feel sorry for him.

LOL :p
On the contrary my child I in fact feel sorry for you. Is there a problem with requesting to join aliance? Does it make you feel superior? How does it feel that you take this game to serious? I advise you to pity yourself before expressing negative emotions towards others.

It's really quite sad, I'm here to have fun but the rest of you lot take this game way to seriously. Where are the players who actually plays this game to have fun? From what I can read all of you call me "sad" for having fun. But how sad are you lot? Peace out brothers



This MRA plan was never for real. we wouldnt make it after BP and we were planning on leaving the world. I also gave everyone in my branch of MRA founder rights, it wouldnt be hard to disband any even if you werent trying.


lmao skully
so are you telling us that firelord's accomplishment wasn't big?