Pnp Uncle James' Eulogy for The Resistance

Discussion in 'World Bhrytos (en85)' started by jameslongst, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. The GM

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    Oct 19, 2014
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    You know, ,my personal beliefs about KBO have never changed. He was always a bigoted racist who was as trustworthy as a Catholic Priest on a scout camp.

    Needless to say, he was also a visionary. He believed "one" alliance and "one" alliance only should have been appointed a crown. After all it was this "one" alliance who did the majority of the work. Why should this crown be filtered down or 7 sets of hands (alliances) who simmed their way through this world. Not sure about anyone else but that crown losses its shine each time it is pulled out of one's backside and passed along for another to do the same.
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  2. *Tig*

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    Sep 21, 2015
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    Just a reminder on bigotry ... that assumption about Catholic Priests paints a blanket brush on all of them when the majority are good men who work hard for their community ... stat wise teachers have a higher percentage of reported pedophiles than any single group. That doesn't mean I'm going to slam all teachers as pedophiles because the vast majority are good and dedicated people.

    As for KBO he hijack the alliance and his actions had zero to do with what he called paper crowns ... the people getting crowns worked hard for us to win and deserved them.

    Your crack about paper crowns is silly since you are trying very hard to get a crown here and you hoped most of the best players had left. If you really believe what you said about crowns you should move on.

    You just lost 2 wonders due to the work of a handful of players ... that should tell you that a full team of the winners of this server buried you[​IMG]
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  3. Generic Greek Name

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    The reputation of Catholic Priests and the Catholic Church speaks for itself.. I could if you want cite example after example of the known abuses of the Catholic Church and its popes, priests and those acting in its name throughout the years.... But this is neither the place nor time for that...

    I would also add that I hope you are aware that in Montreal, Canada it is illegal for Children to be alone with Catholic Priests..

    Legislation like that isn't created without a just reason.....

    Remind me again, How many wonders have you lost? eh... tiggy?.....
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  4. jamovic1

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    Apr 16, 2013
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    in todays episode no. 769 of 'GGN totally misunderstands this is a RTS games forum and goes off on his high horse again' , today dave will be forcing his options of a totally unrelated subject down your throat (much like a catholic priest) in the time honoured tradition of a guy who has never been loved by a woman .
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  5. jameslongst

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    May 25, 2011
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    Cant believe im gonna say this but here goes: i miss bhrytos. There, i said it.

    Bye guys...
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