United Against Reality

Hi all,

Been playing Tau for about two weeks now and have created an alliance with my mate.

The alliance is "United Against Reality", and we are located in 63/64. We have been increasing in points steadily and have a mixture of different kinds of players in our alliance.

We are always looking for new players but we are NOT an MRA so are specific about the players we invite. As a minimum you must have 600+ points, be active atleast every other day, although everyday is preferable. You must send in a message why we should recruit you, how you could benefit us and any past experience. To apply contact either me (my ingame name is the same) or my co-founder s1150.

If you want to apply but dont quite meet the requirements, you can still contact us and we can see if we can put you in one of our allied alliances. :)

Just thought I'd create this post to get our alliance known in this world, so look out for us. You never know, UAR might be coming for you ;)

Many thanks,


Welcome to Tau :)

Not too sure what the situation is like over in that ocean but good luck.


I have to say: I'm a bit partial to that alliance name. Being psychotic and all, I mean...

But question for you. You have allied alliances? As in... franchise alliances?

Please clarify that bit.
We have allies but very few, we are very specific in who we pact with. We don't like the idea of being one of these alliances that hides behind their allies


Ocean 64 is Discombobulator turf incase anyone doesn't know