Pnp Wanna Hear A Joke? United Forces


I knew moving to ocean 73 was going to be fun but did not expected it to be this much fun.

It all started like this. I colonized in ocean 73 and after a few weeks I decided to bother my neighbors.
My attacks must have make them angry as they launched everything they had at me and cleared the city.
Then they decided to launch a CS.
But things didn't go according to plan so they decided to turn to the gods for help.
Then they decided to call in the big guy or should I say the least suckiest of them to take my city once and for all.
But what do you know not even him was able to land his CS. Enemy support was still coming in when the swords started flashing again. It was another CS and guess what it too got sunk.
But the best part of it all was that most of the biremes in the city were enemy support :D

I don't know what is worst, trying to conquer a 1700 point city or failing at it? What I do know is that these guys down in ocean 73 are a joke. Not only did they failed to landed a CS in my small city but they lost 3 CS in the process.
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