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War Born's Periodical Issue #1


This Newspaper will contain information from the community of Selymbria, Mapping, Reviews, and Interviews. All interviews are taken directly from the message and they were sent in on a voluntary basis. All stats and maps are taken from Grepolis Intel. I hope to offend no Player or Alliance by the impact of this Newspaper, as it is perceived from an outside perspective looking in.

Table Of Contents
-Ocean Review
-Top 12 Alliances
-Q&A Session


New Kids
The new kids on the block are Suicide Squad and they came mostly from the remnants of Independent and Independent II. Though some stayed, some also left. Suicide Squad is also partnered with Repossession Agents in the North East. This partnership seems to be beneficial to both and to gain more control of the core. In the next month we will have a better look at what this team is capable of as they have a few big foes in their path.

The Triple Threat
The Triple Threat I consider to be is, Sons of Odin, Sons of Tyr, and Sons of Thor. All three of these alliances are dominating most of the Western Hemisphere, while doing so with ease, so far. These guys seem to still have peace relations with True Fear and True Bros, so until the day this Triple Threat faces another Top 5 crew like themselves, then we will know if these guys are the real deal or not. In saying that, so far they have done satisfactory in my book, so keep up the good work!

The Magicians? Yes, The Magicians, as in Blue Magic. These guys can pull anything out of their hat as far as I can tell. They seem to have the best diplomacy, best coring, best war-ratio. Did I really just say all that? Damn, when I came into this world I was told these guys were the real deal, and I think they have proved that to me this far into the world. I hope these guys make it to the end so I can see their full potential come World Wonders.

The Sinking Ship
The Sinking Ship stars EX-Worldpowers: Independent/Independent II/Independent III. Indy is now The Sinking Ship of the server, and it's glory day's of Selymbria are now over. To put it from my perspective of what Indy was: "The kid who never backed down from a fight". In our hearts we all respect that kid and somewhat envy him, *glancing at him in the hallway as he walks out the door never to be seen again*. The Indy family came here to fight and that is what their reputation will be known for here. Indy won many wars and broke many Top Alliances early-mid server, but unfortunately it didn't last much longer that that. All in All, give respect where it's due.

Ocean Review

Ocean 55 - Half Full or Half Empty?
Cities Owned in Ocean 55:

1) Blue Magic (Blue) - 553 Cities
2) Suicide Squad (Yellow) - 167 Cities
3) Repossession Agents (Yellow) - 89 Cities
4) Independent (Red) - 51 Cities
5) The Golden Monks 4 (Pink) - 51 Cities

For this ocean the clear winner so far is Blue Magic controlling the complete southern half of Ocean 55. The winner of this ocean will depend on, if Blue Magic want to keep full control of Ocean 55 or keep what they have and not cause problems with their northern neighbors. The two other remnants are Independent and The Golden Monks 4, they both should dissipate from 55 as time goes on.

Ocean 45 - Sooner or Later?
Cities Owned in Ocean 45:
1) Sons of Odin (Orange) - 607 Cities
2) True Fear (White) - 148 Cities
3) Sons of Tyr (Orange) - 151 Cities
4) Sons of Thor (Orange) - 107 Cities
5) True Bros (White) - 42 Cities

For this ocean there is a very clear winner and that is Sons of Odin. Wait...and their partners in crime, Sons of Tyr and Sons of Thor. The other Ocean 45 inhabitants are True Fear and True Bros, which control the 45/46 border. Personally, I think True Fear and True Bros need to more pay attention to the border, because the itch of pressing the red button can only be resisted for so long. I can tell The Triple Threat wants to lock down and seal Ocean 45 sooner or later. Only time will tell who gets the better half of the pie here...If The Triple Threat wait too long, I think True Fear and True Bros could be in better shape than they are in now. On the other hand, The Triple Threat could wait to pounce on a bleeding horse to make their job's easier. Time will tell...

Ocean 44 - Toss Up?
Cities Owned in Ocean 44:

1) Tesla Spears (Purple) - 483 Cities
2) Suicide Squad (Yellow) - 361 Cities
3) Tesla Spears II (Purple) - 156 Cities
4) Sons of Thor (Orange) - 76 Cities
5) Independent II (Red) - 91 Cities
6) Independent (Red) - 77 Cities
7) Sons of Odin (Orange) - 59 Cities
8) Repossession Agents (Yellow) - 67 Cities
9) Sons of Tyr (Orange) - 52 Cities

For this ocean I have no winner. This ocean may decide who wins and who doesn't win the world? Well at least I am predicting so. My hypothesis is that this ocean is fully up for grabs with a somewhat easy rim push to the north into Ocean 43, which will create security and an easy path to the rim. Getting down to dissecting the ocean, it gets very interesting. Both Alliances, Tesla Spears/Tesla Spears II and Suicide Squad are the main two sharks of this ocean. Tesla Spears/Tesla Spears II control most of Northern 44 and some pockets in the south. While, Suicide Squad controls most of Eastern 44 with some pockets in the northwest. I think Independent/Independent II will dissipate sooner or later, mainly to Suicide Squad being near them. To my surprise, The Triple Threat has made their own presence in Ocean 44, which is a silent but deadly one. They come from West and the South of Ocean 44 seeping into the borders. Depending on how The Triple Threat plays this, could determine the victor of Ocean 44.

Ocean 54 - Hands Down?
Cities Owned in Ocean 54:

1) Repossession Agents (Yellow) - 595 Cities
2) Suicide Squad (Yellow) - 357 Cities
3) Asgard (Green) - 114 Cities
4) Independent (Red) - 96 Cities
5) The Golden Monks - 64 Cities
6) Independent II (Red) - 54 Cities


The clear winner of this ocean seems to be Repossession Agents and Suicide Squad. I see Asgard surrounded on all sides by the two sharks, which means they won't last much longer. Independent/Independent II and The Golden Monks are located in South West 54, which in this case they will eventually dissipate and move alliances as time goes on. This will all lead to Repossession Agents and Suicide Squad to gain full control of Ocean 54 as time goes on.

Top 12 Alliances

The gates of Selymbria opened for battle on May 18th, 2017 as a Revolt 2/2 Server. So far, Alliances have came and went through Selymbria. Those who remain, are the the top guns of the server. That being said, Selymbria is in its midlife crisis while having around ~8 months until World Wonder times begin. In saying that, there are many alliances that will climb to greatness and many that will crumble to dust over the next 8 months.

~War Born's Top 12 Contenders~ (Updated)
(1) Sons of Odin, Sons of Tyr, Sons of Thor - (Orange)
(2) Repossession Agents and Suicide Squad - (Yellow)
(3) Blue Magic - (Dark Blue)
(4) True Fear and True Bros - (White)

(5) Fiasco United - (Dark Green)

(6) Tesla Spears and Tesla Spears II - (Purple)
(7) Dark Souls and Northern Souls - (Dark Pink)
(8) Delta - (Light Green)
(9) New Name Soon - (Light Blue)
(10) MAD DOGS - (Maroon)
(11) Independent and Independent II - (Red)
(12) The Drunken and Golden Monks (1,2,3,4) - (Pink)

World Map

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Question and Answers

I handpicked the following Founders and Leaders of the Top Alliances in EN99 Selymbria to get the best results. All of the answers to the following questions will be uncut from the personal message I received in-game.

RavensNation52 from Repossession Agents/Suicide Squad

1).Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?

"Started playing way back on Olythnus but started seriously playing on the next world Pandosia. Joined up with a solid crew some of whom are on this world and we ended up winning WW's"

2). What are your thoughts on your alliance so far?

"Well has far has repo goes i have no complaints everyone over there has been exactly what we have asked for and more we attack and defend has one which has allowed us to be successful against every opponent we have come across. the rapid responses to every forum post really makes being apart of this team easy. Next on to Squad we only just linked up and became one so theres still a feeling out process but the level of knowledge and skill that the previous indy players bring is undeniable. im really excited to see where this group goes has the sky is the limit.."

3). What do you make of the other top alliances that roam this server?

"I cant say to much about the other top alliances because my knowledge about them is fairly limited but ill do my best. Sons seems to be the main competition for whoever wants the crown, they are the number 1 ranked attackers and the number 7 ranked defender so killing is their business. They have 3 solid teams but thats also a lot of ego to control and has we saw with indy sometimes those egos can cause splinters so only time will tell. I know almost nothing about TF besides all the stuff that was being spouted off on the externals but by their attack and defense rankings its not a fluke they are in the postion that they are for a reason. It will be very interesting how the current fight against BM and FU fighting those 2 teams is a real test. Lastly ill talk about BM has they were one of the favorites coming into the world and still are a contender. Theyve got a ton of experience and arent gonna bacl down from anyone. Any team that tries to pick that fight better be ready for the long haul or they could find themselves coming up short."

4). What do you like most about the server of Selymbria?

"The thing I like most about Selymbria is the team I am apart of. Coming in to this world I had no expectations and only wanted to kill a few troops and pass the time. But once I founded repo and the team came together in the way it did I couldnt have asked for more. Has I said earlier being a leader in this groups is easy there is no ego or personal motive from anyone we attack and defend has one."

5). In your opinion, what makes a good player overall?
"A good player is someone who understands not only that this is a war game but that it is a team game. we all know that simmers are the bane of any alliances existence but is a selfish player really any better. They usually are the root cause of bad morale and complaints. So on top of being willing to lose troops be willing to lose troops help an ally take a city and I know for a fact on your next take youll have the team showing up to help."

Michael Cook from Tesla Spears/Tesla Spears II

1).Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?

"I have played on a few servers. The first was Hermonassa EN72 and the alliance we led won the world. It was a long hard battle but taught me a lot about this game and one I'd go through again. I've played Bhrytos EN85 where we finished second and really enjoyed myself here as well. I still play Sinope EN81 where I've got 86 cities but we didn't play for WW's. I am also on Emporion which is closing in 20+ days thank god. That is the worst server I have ever played."

2). What are your thoughts on your alliance so far?

"I'm pretty damned impressed to be honest. A very solid core group has come together quickly and gelled as a unit, almost thinking in lockstep. Unbelievable. We went from being beaten up by the Independent group at the beginning of the world under our former Founder to number 9 in the world and have caused the Independent group to mostly form another alliance or go into another one. Now is the time to consolidate our Oceans, keep on top of the politics and watch our backs."

3). What do you make of the other top alliances that roam this server?
"They are worth watching for sure as one does in this game. They have changed positions a few times and I'm certain it will happen again. It's unnaturally quiet between the big three right now which is a big tell as they also try and consolidate their own oceans. It's good be smaller right now when you can sit back and watch the show that is going to unfold."

4). What do you like most about the server of Selymbria?
"It's slow. It allows for plotting, plodding and thinking about the big picture. And it also allows for smaller alliances to come up in the rankings so long as they have a good core group that works together well and are not all over the place."

5). In your opinion, what makes a good player overall?
"Excellent question. Hard answer. It depends to be honest. What kind of good player are we talking about? An attacker, a defensive player, an all-arounder or a player that can see the big picture while being able to attack and defend? In my alliance I'd take all four and thankfully have them."

Donpj111 from Sons of Odin/Sons of Tyr/Sons of Thor
1)Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?
"Sinope - we sided with Fluffernutters in the great coalition war. We were based in O55 so not much sleep :D but it was fun and quite the challange to get get hit by +1000 players in each OP. Due to IRL i left as the wonder period began and passed on the founders-rights. Nagidos - played the whole server and left once the WW-ended. Also a fun server were we got rimmed for the first time and had to relocate... we came back though and had our revenge despite bad odds. Before and in between we/i played some national servers plus one in germany."

2)What are your thoughts on your alliance so far?
"So far things have gone good. We came in as a fairly big pre-made and invited other good players (plus some green players as well) into our alliance. They all have the qualities we as council values which is loyalty and team work - they are prepared to go that extra mile for each other. We had a clear plan from the beginning and followed this from day one. I dont think we could have done much better so far. Only regret so far is that we trusted a certain player just to be screwed by her. But we will remember..."

3)What do you make of the other top alliances that roam this server?
"a lot of quality and quite a lot of faces i havent seen before as we usually play faster servers. Always nice to gain new friends and in some cases enemies :)"

4)What do you like most about the server of Selymbria?
"to be honest... the fact that its still "open". No major coalitions yet like we saw in fx. Sinope and to a certain point in Nag. There is still a lot of contenders which might make the WW-period exciting for once. Normally these days every server ends up with two sides racing for the win. Another big plus is all the wars :D cant hardly say this server lacks action. Not much time to sim a bit and you need to be on top all the time. So in general... my kind of server :)"

5)In your opinion, what makes a good player overall?

"some charish gold and thinks a deep pocket makes you good - i dont. In my mind its the will to help your alliance (team work) and of course basic skills in both play and strategy. Its not a secret that we monitor this closely in each server and if you dont aid your alliance when needed then you will get kicked and points/size or previous achievements wont help you in this matter."


NutsNBoltz from Fiasco United

1)Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?
"US27 and US43. I led BROSSR on us27 and merged it with world winners BBB when I had to quit. US43 we came back, but real life got in the way once more. we were 2nd before I left."

2)What are your thoughts on your alliance so far?
"Fiasco is OK. I love the guys I play with. Everyone helps out when it's a time of need, and there's open communication on all levels. But the players are mostly garbage, especially nuts"

3)What do you make of the other top alliances that roam this server?

"I like repo some days, and others I just think "I wonder if they will get more pacts/allies" they have a solid plan to win the world, but my question is: outside of your 40 players, do you fully trust all of suicide squad, dark souls, and new name? will be interesting to see.
BM: they have such a strong hold on such a small portion of the map. I am curious to see if they will win. I don't see players breaking their core easy.
ODINS: quiet lately. very quiet.... but growing steadily.
TRUE MRA: they were at 80 players, then cut down, then added more. if you want free cities, hit em. yes, the first time around you'll hit all of Neb's defense (it's basically always his) then if he's not on for the 2nd wave, you win. Without Neb, they have 0 skilled players in my eyes.
Tesla: well... it won't be pretty for them soon....
Delta: soooo that's new"

4)What do you like most about the server of Selymbria?

"The member limit. 40 members makes choices harder. makes you need to think twice before recruiting, or it forces you to open academies and other branches, which rarely work in the favor of the main alliance. I think the setting makes this world interesting for sure."

5)In your opinion, what makes a good player overall?

"As I always say "I can teach anyone how to play grepo, I can't teach them how to login"

Ahr-Ex From True Fear/True Bros

1)Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?
"We met in EN85, pacted in EN92, merged in EN97, and play as one team in EN99
Separately, jameslongst is very old school. He started in EN single digits and has a couple crowns. Ahr-Ex is the opposite of old school. She came from the US servers and hates WW."

2)What are your thoughts on your alliance so far?
"We joke that we always say this. but this really is the best group we have put together."

3)What do you make of the other top alliances that roam this server?
"Some are good fighters, some are good at pacting up with each other. We don't mind we have seen them come and see them go."

4)What do you like most about the server of Selymbria?
"It isn't Pagasae."

5)In your opinion, what makes a good player overall?
"The best players are active, aggressive, and fiercely loyal -- without losing their sense of humor."


So far, Selymbria has been a fun server with the amount of wars that has occurred between the Top Alliances in the server. This is my first ever newspaper, I hope everyone enjoyed the long read. Please give me feedback of what you would like to see more and less of in issues to come. All in all this is for the community of Grepolis and the World EN99 Selymbria.



Great read! Would like to hear more of your personal thoughts on the top alliances in the next issue (maybe a top 12, or a full top contenders like you did in the top 12 thread), also maybe speak more about the other core oceans, some oceans have been left out (56 seems to be a notable absence).

All in all though, a really great newspaper, look forward to the next issue!


Not even in this world and it was a great read!

nice job mate


Interesting and informative newspaper. Great foresight in only interviewing one of BM/Fiasco, as they have now shown themselves to be two cheeks of the same posterior ;)