War in Kasmenai


If if you have evidence someone is cheating then I suggest you report it. In my experience inno are fairly on it with multi accounting as it is much easier to spot than other forms of cheating.

Alternatively feel free to PM me in game as discussions about this type of subject matter on here rarely get very far.


Sometimes the decision to support cities has to be a strategic one. We invite players because we want them for teammates. If we want particular cities, we generally take them, or at least make the attempt. Sometimes a player has to relocate to play on our team, but they get plenty of help from teammates to do that if they are willing to make the effort. It makes no sense to tie up defensive troops oceans away and then lose front line cities in the core. If you think we don't support our players because of what happens to particular cities, you may have your priorities mixed up.


Please if you suspect a player of violating rules, please contact support in game. Don't bring it to the externals. If you continue warnings will be issued.


I realise how I offended you and I am sorry for doing so. I'm a bit of a big headed person so it has taken me this long to realise my mistakes but you all give a good fight and I'm not saying this so you don't attack me, I wouldn't miss the BP for anything.

Ahr-ex in particular I am sorry for the way I spoke about Tigers and the way TLB treat them.

I'll keep my mouth shut and my swords sharp, see you on the battlefield.


I thought this was a place to post insanely awesome reports LOL