War Path

King Nation

War Path.jpg

War Path Is now recruiting in Heraklion Ocean 25.

Why Join War Path

War Path is a well known alliance threw out Grepolis in the old worlds. With Previous Great Leadership. Delta,Gamma,Theta. We have a Well Built Commanding Alliance Seeking for Active,Exp, Players. If you are new to Grepolis Feel free to come join use as well. If you have the time and the Learning Ability to be Aggressive and Work well with others feel free to Apply.

For all Refugees,Sim,Non Active Players. War Path has no Reason to hold or Invite players with this Title. (MRA) War path is not. I Rather Fight Along 10 Good Players then 100 Bad ones.

Goals To Expect

We Hope To see you come give use a Try and Make a once Great Alliance Become Great again.