Top 12 War Predictions (ocean 54)


with BP nearing its end i thought id take the liberty in guessing on whos going to be going against who for the first week or 2 in each ocean

Ocean 54:

Zero Tolerance VS The Hive:

Both cores literately right on top of each other, i give Zero Tolerance the win due to the fact that they look more put together than the Hive which ive heard are pretty Nooby, despite the fact that ZT already has 2 academies.

The Brotherhood VS The Lone Wolf:

Both alliances are pretty evenly spread out from there core they seem to share all of their islands, i give the win to none of them, their both spread out to much to actively defend themselves as a group, i think while they are attempting to fight it out Dragons Legion will take out both of them.

Sacred Souls VS ANONYMOUS:
again based on location both cores are Prime for fighting one another, I give the win to Sacred Souls, they seem to be in a better position to take on ANONYMOUS, and dont really see ANONYMOUS lasting long anyway

PREDATORS VS 9th Legion:

the last two left and they are setup location wise for a fight, give the win to the PREDATORS mainly because they are together, most of 9th legion has 1 player on each island, resulting in no immediate support​

*NOTE:these are based upon my opinions, the ranking system in game and grepo Intel, if i chose your alliance to lose dont get mad at me its not personal just stating my opinion as i see it, if this is liked i will do ones for other oceans as well

Greygnarl The Destroyer

I like this, do all the core oceans :)
+rep :D (You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to ShreftyThred again. Grrrr....)