Wars of Gortyn

Hexx Dex

if you cant win......why not play the LMD card are you sure..good luck with that...see you at the end


Morale worlds always have LMD's. Always. You either adapt and play to the world you are in, or you die. Crying about it will change nothing, evolve or go extinct.


There aren't many worse things in this game than realising you just suicided a load of full flier nukes into a LMD honeytrap :mad:

I really don't see the point of morale. It doesn't protect new players very well and old players use it as an attack mechanism to allow them to attack their enemies far from their support base

Not really the place for discussing it as we will likely derail this lively thread.



And that is the reason TP should not be a diplomat lmao
We aren't doing diplomacy in this world! :p

We are just here to blow things up and have a little fun while we wait for the whole team to get ready for a serious world. :D

Morale does not do what it was intended to do. That doesn't really matter though, if it is in effect it will be used, so either use it or have a disadvantage. We learned that the hard way, and now apparently others are learning it the hard way.


We aren't doing diplomacy in this world! :p

I don't want to get into an argument... when I see dozens of Rebel supports on a Goat's live feed, I am not sure what to call it.
Mutualism or commensalism? Either way, it doesn't really matter. As long as everyone's blowing things up lol

so either use it or have a disadvantage.

In that case I chose to stand at a disadvantage. If it goes against what I believe is the game's intent I don't follow the crowd, I stand by what I trust as being fair. If it ends up costing me... It has, and will continue to do. But I made a choice and I am not on the right to cry about it