Well Done 5KP


You broke my siege of King Beast's city. You managed to work as a team to break the siege.

Good Job.

See you next time ;)

King Beast

Dude.... what was more funny i was on the razz!!!

I had the dreaded "lets go out" from the miss,
so most of what happened was organised by the guys in 5KP with a few inputs from blackberry...

I havent had chance to read all the reports just yet, still a little hung over... :)


Wheres the 'smack talk' in KBs post?

He merely stated that his team mates broke your conquest for him because he was pre occupied with RL.

King Beast

O well, looks like im about to loose a city...

Busy weekend and feel asleep missing my slot for biremes..
No excuse really, so well done Sask on a tightly timed conquest...

Il make sure im awake for the next one :p