What are these for again?


what time does the world open? are we not supposed to know incase we all join at once and it crashes


It will open when it is ready, usually between 12:00 and 16:00

Off the top of my head you are not given a time so that when it is a few milliseconds early or late 100 brats with entitlement issues don't write in threatening to sue. But perhaps I just need another coffee.


Worlds usually open around 1300 unless something goes wrong. I guess that is why they don't announce the exact time but only the date.
are you going to be doing a newspaper for this world Carlos lol


no, but it helps to be familiar with the world, makes it more real.
Papers always make more sense when you play in the world. Yours are the best and can actually make it like I'm playing the world but to really understand what's going on I need to be playing the world. Honestly though your work is great.


well you can said this is where
1. you make discussions
2. clear doubts
3. Play some games(no counting games)
4. get to know other players and share interest