What did killed this server ?


Players bot it's a well known fact, to plead ignorance that you don't know that, says it all.
Sure some players do use bots...there's no doubt there, that's an easy observation.
But you are using the statement here like you know, for sure, that someone here is botting. So I'm simply asking who you are accusing and how you came to that conclusion. Less random talk and more evidence would be nice.



Myrddin Emyrs

No point in accusing anyone they will just deny it, cause you know no-one bots here no one would dream of it now would they lol

Myrddin Emyrs

No cheaters in this world eh top 7 players without an alliance now, one day before calculation of wonders is reached aye very good


The target score will no longer be recalculated.
that doesnt sound good.. well gg wp


cheaters say: knowing grepolis settings isn't cheating
you got outplayed, accept it :)
we hard won the war (easiest war of my life)
you tried to convince everyone that this world had no end. you tried to convince everyone that none could get the crown after i proved that you can't force a no-winner world.
you tried to lie to everyone. you failed. you look like a clown.
wonders can start after 6 months to the very least.... this "no-end world" needed 6 months and 1 day to start wonders. WOW.
lie more, no need to learn to play. experience never pays off, right?