Important What do YOU want on the forums


Afternoon guys/girls,

I think that it's obvious to everyone that the Gythium forums are inactive, part of a mods duty is to try and make the forums that they mod a fun enjoyable place for the users of the given world to post. I have to admit, since I've been modding this world I have done a poor job of making this a reality, and that's mainly due to the fact that I don't know what you all want. So I've come to you asking for ideas, this is your worlds forums, what do you think this place needs to get it active again?

I am open to any suggestions, the obvious answer is probably some sort of competition, if you tell me what sort of competition you'd like I will see what I can throw together and perhaps even get some sort of reward. going :) I am also thinking of hosting some sort of Christmas competition, if you have any ideas on what you'd like in that please mail me on forums or reply to this thread.

I'm sure though there are other things you'd like, instead of a competition, I'm not to sure what these things could be however, you know what you want better than I do :) Regardless of what it may be post it below and I will try my best to make it happen.



I don't think that the forum really matter on this world.

On other worlds we can discuss about wars and alliances. But on this world Musks made a strong "coalition" with MME and their allies. So the world is just SOOOOOO boring. Nothing to talk about. MME is running in the shadow of Musks and together they are stronger than anyone. So nothing to discuss. that's why the forum is so dead now.

small PS:
Both alliances seem t forget that the WW-period is going to come. And what then? >They just will let each other finish the wonders? Come on guys...Get some fun again in the world and fight each other. 2 alliances that are equally strong (musks are btter but I stay neutral :p ). And now they are just getting after the small guys not capable to defend attacks of such a big alliance...(mostly referring to MME. lol )


Pretty much right. We have Musks coalition dominating the world at a slow and steady pace. nothing really to talk about, Forums are dead because gythium is dead boring.


that's why I say, let musks fight MME. And a LOT will change.
Again, will you just wait for the era of the wonders? Then it will be toooo late to get after each other.