What's happened to NU??


yes i learnt the basics of the Revolt system from Q as well;-)
great guy and player;-)


the whole fam damily

Ha the new world order! They were a old alliance that buttfungus formed in march or so! TON defeated them and butt ran to Failed for help and adrenaline was formed.
Please someone mess that guy up!

I knew Failed since day one, (27/12/10)
He started with section5. TON threatened war and they disbanded and merged into Tiger Lair. At this stage failed had about 2 cities and about 7000 points, I had about 6 cities and 30000 points. Failed became more well known after his alliance merged into the Dogs of war. They formed the Tigers Of War (very original name ;) )
Failed made it to leader level and by this stage he was equal size to me 150000 points. He disagreed with the TOW merging with the terrible Nightmare Spartans and left and formed Enzyme X. Enzyme X changed to adrenaline and things seemed great with both TON and Adrenaline getting on well and we helped take down the TOW.
He at this stage is maxing his amount of culture points he can get per day by having back to back Olympic games and battle parades (he was pretty decent in battle!)
His alliance then decided to BACKSTAB my alliance the TON. He got 4 against us including three of TON's pacted alliances. TON was unprepared and defenceless and not to mention being attacked from every direction.
TON died and I quit game :(
Adrenaline then gained a lot of my members who jumped ship and they grew.
Failed became huge as he paid his hard earned cash that he earned working in the Nederlands. ( he is from Amsterdam).
He then had a problem when his GF was in a car crash I think and his activity went down ( also he got bored because I wasn't round for a good chat!!!)
I've just heard that TE swallowed them whole!! Yay the end!!!!!

Wow that was stressful to write on my iPhone!

One quick question: does anyone miss me as it seems I was needed to get the forum active again!???

really frog?
your not even in NU anymore, as for NWO, you never defeated them. you however was humiliated and left dishonorably.

i never ran to anybody for help, as for 47, i was the gate keeper of that ocean. besides, why are you even revisiting this unless you still hold a grudge and resentment. i can understand that for all your efforts that were wasted i might have done the same. grow up and move on. come back and i can probably plot your demise once again. yeah i might have been a little cocky, but that is a part of the game. i never beg anybody for anything as you have done. you were a failure, deal with it.

buttfungus Lord of
Your Mama has spoken..
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StUnEd FrOg

The true words of the buttfungus.
Anyway I don't even know who NWO are?!

StUnEd FrOg

Yeah they died and now that adrenaline is gone he made it come back alive again