Announcement when banter and goading becomes insulting

Fist Of The North Star

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I enjoy a good bit of banter and entertainment in all walks of life, I especially like threads and conversations that surge activity within a world forum. It seems that the line between banter and simply insulting someone has become....somewhat foggy.

Lets remember that this is Grepolis (the game) forum and is owned by Innogames, The excuse of 'freedom of speech' as an opportunity to voice your opinions in an insulting way does not apply. There is no such thing as freedom of speech on a privately owned forum, you are bound to the forum rules that you agreed to follow when you signed the 'terms and conditions'.

Now i am far from a power hungry mod as i have pretty much let you guys/girls crack on with your posting, only stepping in when i have to. It seems a massive lack of maturity/restraint is present here which is why the following things will happen

1) All off topic posts will be deleted
2) All non Grepolis related threads will be deleted
3) I will no longer cover you back if you derail a thread (i used to edit and delete most posts rather than infract) you will simply be warned/infracted
4) insulting posts/threads will result in an instant warning/infraction
5) tit for tat insults will result in all parties involved being punished.

The above applies to ALL users within bellewhateveritscalled world, This includes Mods.

On that note I should remind you that a moderators right is primarily to be a player/user, Their moderator powers and duties come second. As such we are allowed to have just as much say and input as all other users and you wont always like what we say, being a mod does not entitle you to any less rights than regular users nor does it exempt us from the rules. If you have a problem with a moderator then please seek out a senior (titan/sigm) REGARDLESS of that moderators 'rank'.

I do hope that this world remains to be full of conflict/banter and points of interest and that users feel they can post what they think, I also hope that users THINK before they post from now on.

Thanks guys/girls- Fonts

feel free to post below and we can get some closure


I enjoy a good bit of banter and entertainment in all walks of life...

Dead giveaway that you don't.



without necros and random OT sj would only have like 20 posts ;)


I heard he was a confectioner and specialized in packing fudge.