Which are the Strongest Alliances in Sector 56?

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I was wondering which are the largest/strongest alliances that are operating in Sector 56.

I am looking for a home and am an experienced player with a Crown.



There is one. Click on rankings, then click on the tab at the top labelled "Alliances (Ocean)". It will automatically select the ocean for your current city, but you can input a different number in the box next to the world "ocean" at the bottom of the window and click the curved arrow to give you the results for that other ocean that you have put in.

This is the current ranking for O56 in Selymbria:

Just to note, this will tell you the biggest alliances, but not necessarily the strongest alliances, as that also depends on player quality, diplomacy, etc.


Great advice Kal, however gurk id recommend you don't join his alliance pandora :)
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