Who all is joining?


ah, my friend, you are incorrect! i have decided at the last moment to join for a learning experience! and already this morning i had made it up to rank #59! (i know, you guys are all like :eek:, but yeah...) unfortunately, i had fallen back down to rank 680th by the time i got home (about 30 minutes ago...) but with these next few upgrades, i will be back in 59th in NO time!

:pro:, so man up and kill someone! :supermad::supermad::supermad:(SW)
Actually we're not surprised. You do this with every world then disappear down the rankings again <.< then you pop your head up from time to time haha.

We can't kill anybody yet either. Beginners Protection silly ;)


What good set of guys?? the musketeers were all Effeminate.. (I am not allowed to say gay apparently... even though we know they were happy) I think musketeers might not be a good set of guys.. they maybe a good set of gays. .. might join actually.. mmm
any girls in there? I will be the only one!