Who loves this server?


I'll triple that do.

Best week of the server for me I think. Really shown what the whole servers been about. Epic battles and strategies from both sides.


Best world I could ever hope to be my first world and training ground. Loved most of it....

Good job everyone!


was my first world too and also training ground!do be honest now i just wait when it ends
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Was my first proper server starting in the core, absolutely loved it while i was there. It will be sad to see this quality world go :(


Having joined this server a couple of months after it started, i've been around long enough to have heard most of the conspiracies. As in RL, there will always be a minority of people who don't follow the rules.

The fact that Athens has kept on being such a great server until the bitter end is surely due to the majority of players being in it solely for the fun of it.

To the friends and 'enemies' made along the way, i salute you all; may your nukes remain mighty and your sniping skills sound!


totally agree. from the early days of NN to MoRC winning the sever and Triad now becoming masters, this world will always be known as having big wars from the beginning right to the very end. stay classy athens :)

Leonidas Agiad

Its been the best of the 5 worlds I've fought in, the real Ancient Greeks would have recognised many of the drama's played out here, our Wars parallels of some of their great conflicts, with the outcomes equally uncertain ! The best battles are always fought between closely matched antagonists ... so its perhaps inevitable that Fortuna played her part !