Why did you choose your player name?


I did not come up with this ;) i found it somewhere . . . i'll go first :D

Phoenixavier - some think i combined 2 x-men names (phoenix and xavier) but it is not wat i did (chuckle) :p . . .

but the reason behind my player name is that i started writing a book some years ago and the main character's name is phoenix alexavier since i didnt want to have my name 2 words i combined them and got phoenixavier :) . . . and for those that dont understand:

phoenix + (alexavier - alex) = phoenixavier which can be simplified to awesome :cool:



Well mines not as intresting as that but here goes

my name is Stuart = Stu
i used to eat alot of Haribo = BO

Hence Stubo

cabz bii

mine came from my nickname as my second name is carbury

my mates growing up all called me cabz lol

either cabz or cabz the legend
My name comes from when I used to read Judge Dread comics as a child and I always thought Judge Death was cool beans ;).

The best reason for a name has to be yours though Stubo, lol. Mmmm haribo.
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Jeff Hefae

Well mine was this:
Jeff- Cool Name
Hefae- cool spanish(i think) name
combined- way cooler name