Why do we play this game?


Many of us have seen some of our best friends leave this game. Many of us have been saddened by that happening, i was discussing it with my friend Beetroot123 and we decided to make a small poem about why do we play this game.
Hope you like it...

Why do we play this game:

Why do we play this game
Is it for fun or for fame?
Grepoholics we become
Seeking to be number one

What we fail to realize
Is that grepo life we prioritize
Friends we meet and make
Bonds that are not easy to break

Over the years players come and go
Some leave for a reason you never know
Some go inactive and stop
Others fight till the last blood drop

Each time a friend leaves
Many of us are in tears
Who will leave next, one of the best ?
A question that never makes us never sleep and rest

In the very end enemies are slain
Loyalty and friendship are the only things that remain
I wondered why do we play this game
I say It’s for the family, the alliance we name

P.S: This is for each player who has seen a friend leave.


why do we play this game?
Please tell me when you figure it out. I keep comming back. i really do not have the time but i am playing again on Katane. Not under the name of truly yummy of course. i retired her. I no longer feel sweet and innocent. I am older and raunchier now so i chose to play under my other name that reflects that. :) Going through the forum i was happy to see some familiar names. Some great friends and some great enemies. Ha ha love them both.