Why? What? How? I do not know.


So, I've been scouring around Tau. Playing, enjoying myself, meeting new people, playing with new people. The usual sort of thing, you know.

However, sometimes I fail to understand certain "alliances". After reading a few profiles, I fail to understand some alliance's ideologies. Let me explain.

First, take a peek at this alliance called "The Warriors". Quoting from their profile:
The Warriors said:
Currently recruiting more members...
We want to be allied with other alliances but do not wanna be enemies...We will attack you only if u attack us or if u declare war on us...

Recruitment; well, thats fine. But what I fail to understand is the second part. They do not want to be enemies. Well, thats funny. I thought it was a war game, not a game of diplomacy. In fact, why do they call themselves "The Warriors" if they don't want to fight. I see "The Diplomats" a more suiting name.

I don't understand why alliances want to diplohoe. Why they want to ally everyone, as that just defeats the object of the game.

Let me give you an example of another alliance, one amply named as "Zeus Almighty". They already have 7 pacts. BP hasn't even started yet, how can you make such assumptions! Secondly, why? You're just ruining your own growth, you have no will to fight at all. Great empires, like the spartans, romans and so on didn't make pacts with anyone they saw, did they?

I can even bet on that they do not communicate, which isn't the point of an alliance. Furthermore, when war comes, you coalition, which is somewhat cello-taped together, will just fall apart.

Zeus Almighty said:
Merges are allowed into us but unless you have 1000000 points you can forget about us merging into you.

Thats not going to happen for a while; possibly a good thing.

The point here is not to reveal how much I dislike schemes of being a diplohoe. This post will somewhat see provocative. But its not meant to be. What I'm saying to you other alliances is to have confidence in yourself. Play to fight. Fight to win. Just look at your diplomacy with others, do you need them? Are they doing anything for you?

/rant over. Oh, and if you want to explain these schemes or your ideology, feel free. I don't bite (I know a penguin that pecks, mind you).

Ps. This is an independent view of mine and nothing to do with (yet) NmE.
Pss. I've just seen Roman Empire. Oh yes, this definitely applies to you.
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why fight each other

csgatlingunz on 4/22/11 at 1:30 PM
hey dude instead of us fighting each other why dont we form an alliance and try to get to island to join us so we are stronger together than trying to beat each other and then we can move out to the rest of the ocean island by island what do you say

teuffel hunden
I got this PM in sigma, from a player I'm farming.
Just thought this somewhat illustrates what you are saying here osl :)