Wiki Changelog I

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Wiki Changelog I

The wiki has been heavily worked on and updated throughout the month of August.


This month was mainly spent working on updating existing pages and starting the recategorization of pages. Recategorization of pages will continue into September.

New Content/General Changes

  • We added all of the old changelogs that were missing as well as the new changelogs (up until August).
    • Browser Changelogs:
      • 2011 Changelogs: 1.26.7, 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, 2.05, 2.06, 2.07, 2.08, 2.09, 2.10, 1.26.8, 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, 2.14, 2.15, and 2.16
      • 2012 Changelogs: 2.18, 2.19, 2.20, 2.21, 2.22, 2.23, 2.24, 2.25, 2.27, 2.28, 2.29, and 2.30
      • 2017 Changelogs: 2.132, 2.133, 2.134, 2.135, 2.136, 2.137, 2.138, 2.139, 2.140, 2.141, 2.142, 2.143, 2.144
    • App Changelogs:
      • 2016 App Changelogs: 2.120, 2.121, 2.122, 2.123, 2.124, 2.125, 2.126, 2.127, and 2.128
      • 2017 App Changelogs: 2.129, 2.130, 2.131, 2.132, 2.133, 2.134, 2.135, 2.136, 2.137, 2.138, 2.139, 2.140, 2.141, 2.142, 2.143
  • We also added settings information regarding many worlds. In addition to settings details, you may also view information about what each setting is/does on the worlds page. All of the world pages are properly categorized as "Index" (which will be a list of all pages once complete) and "Worlds".
    • EN Worlds:
      • Generation Two: Athens, Byzantium, Corinth, Delphi, Ephesus, Gythium, Heraklion, Ithaca, Juktas, Knossos, Lamia, Marathon, Naxos, Olympia, Pella, Rhethymnos, Sparta, Troy, and Zakros
      • Generation Three: Actium, Baris, Calydon, Delos, Edessa, Farsala, Gela, Helorus, Idalium, Kos, Lindos, Myonia, Nicaea, Oropos, Paros, Rizinia, Sestos, Thebes, and Zacynthus
      • Generation Four: Apollonia, Byllis, Cythera, Dyme, Eubea, Gonnos, Hermonassa, Ialysos, Katane, Lapithos, Mochlos, Nysa, Olynthus, Pandosia, Rhammus, Sinope, Taras, and Zancle
      • Generation Five: Abdera, Bhrytos, Carphi, Dimale, Emporion, Golgi, Helike, Imbros, Kasmenai, Lato, Mesembria, Nagidos, Olous, and Tegea
      • Generation Six: Amisos and Byblos
      • Elysian Fields: Hyperborea
      • Hero Worlds: Achilles and Bellerophon
      • Speed Worlds: 2012 Summer Speed World
    • US Worlds:
      • Generation Three: Thebes and Zacynthus
      • Generation Four: Apollonia
    • ZZ Worlds:
      • Beta Worlds: Sandbox, Sandbox 2, Sandbox 3, BPV Test, Sandbox 5, and Sandbox 7
  • A new hero, Medea was added in August as a reward in the Sparta vs Hades event. Information about her was added to the heroes page and her awards were added to the awards page.

  • All unnecessary templates (unused ones) were removed from the wiki in an attempt to clean up and organize the templates.

Fixed Mistakes

There were several mistakes in the text of pages. Those mistakes are now fixed:
  • The description for Zeus’s Rage has been corrected; Zeus was misspelled
  • The information for Purification has been corrected to “This spell is used on own cities as well as incoming or outgoing attacks. The spell removes ALL spells from the city or attack with the exception of city protection.” as purification does not remove city protection.
  • The information for Divine Sign has been corrected; city was misspelled
  • The title and information for Lightning Bolt has been corrected; lightning was misspelled
  • The description for Favorable Wind has been corrected; whirl was misspelled

We are working hard to keep the wiki up to date and correct. We would appreciate your help in doing so. If you see a mistake in a page, an outdated page, and/or you would like to request new content be added, please create a thread in the main wiki section. We look forward to releasing the September changelog sometime in early October.

Best wishes,
Your Grepolis Wiki Team​