World Beta Milestones


This is a fail Jtin you want me to take over?
leave me til July and I'll be back to do this properly got a geography and history exam coming up in the next 10 days then two Biology exams. With that I also have work experience and the task of gathering a portfolio together and a website along with my normal commitments so I don't pay great lengths of attention to grepolis (well I try not to) although I may appear to be here alot.


KelKenn has always been KelKenn.

you see, it gets frustrating when you go through this message (bottom to top):

Jt & mango said:
22.05.11 21:39JTin46
hmm not sure could be over a month. Also whereabouts do you live in Thailand?

22.05.11 19:37mango97
when will you be getting out of vm? (how long)
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22.05.11 18:16JTin46
no i play ken

22.05.11 18:04mango97
btw dont you play mrurson's account? so your multi accounting now?
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22.05.11 18:01mango97
i will not say where i am from silly
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22.05.11 17:57JTin46
exams your from NZ right? what part georgey?

22.05.11 17:45mango97
lol no... i think you have kelkenns account. Why you enter vm?
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22.05.11 16:09JTin46
Oh so you decide to be sociable now

22.05.11 15:12mango97
Just wondering whos account you are in now mate?
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Such cowards to hide who they are playing as because they failed once (or more times) already as a player.

Why is it such a big deal to reveal who you play as jTin? The only thing you accomplish by not telling people is no one takes you seriously, people think you are a coward that hides under a hidden name, and makes all of Phenomen's account swapping look more dubious than it already is.


Generally, i trust the word of one who is willing to tell a word? And how big of a loser do you have to be to lie on a video game?
Not even to lie about something worthwhile. But something as stupid as which account you are playing. Some people really need to grow a pair and stop wasting people's time.