World closing


hi all,
this is my 1st world ever in grepolis.. i remember being in a small alliance called Black legion and then when it got dissolved moved to social gamers club.. met a lot of interesting people in there...had fun... and some really long spamms in the skype chat room.. once metalcore left.. it got bifurcated and two alliance were formed.. one is killer instinct and the other is savage warrior.. clayton joseph and manuck were the two leaders there.. and i went for the instinct... went war against the then infectious state.. savage warrior lost of good players due to real life.. and got dissolve.. we then got outnumbered against the infectious state, virus ad its 3rd academy, and the 2nd alliance cant remember its name... i think it was imperium (sorry no offense.. just know the word means power).. thats when real life kicked me in i had to leave the game briefly.. seeing lambda be the 1st world to get close really aches my heart.. good bye lambda....


This is the last day Lambda will see the light of day and it will be closing forever, I started my grepolis experience on december 2010 in Ocean 63 and i joined the alliance O63 domination that later changed name to Myriad my then permanent home be it under a few different names, Lambda always was an underestimated worl by some but it was the most thrilling and exciting world i've experienced and i want to thank each and everyone past and present that has played this world some gone from this game others still playing in other worlds for a wonderful experience and great memories

Lambda will always be special to me and i will miss it, thank you all and may Lambda be in our memories forever for it deserves a place in the halls of Greatness.



Well, it's closed now! A flurry of activity towards the end, but just moving deckchairs on the Titanic. Pretty happy with 64 cities at the final bow :)