World Omega Premade - Reclaiming Fame

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Jarpenguin Fan

Although it will have a genetic new spark, which isn't seen in many alliances these days, it'll contain much of the ascription used in alliances these days. I hope this works to suit everyone's needs - as I'll be working very hard on maintaining the alliance from start to finish.

Name: Reclaiming Fame
Member Count: 60 - 70.
When: World Omega
Location:North West

Probable questions answered. Let's stop the spam huh:

Who will be leading the alliance?
Me. I may seek help. Doubt I'll need anything more than a Leader.

You don't have much leadership experience, do you?
Correct. I probably haven't got the best leadership resume. But I've helped a-lot of top/bottom alliances work their way from bad situations. I've loved helping my alliance and always excel at every position I apply for.

Why should I choose your alliance, over others?
Other than me being awesome? I can promise you, I'll never give up. I can keep an alliance active. I am quite a good product of "spam" - or in other words; discussion. I have my flaws, mainly in attacking coordination. But I make up for them in diplomacy, activity, forum work, support/attacks. I can promise you a great run on whatever world we hit, and for once it'll not be massively conducted work, but a-bit of fun on the side!

What's your maximum amount of members?
Somewhere between 80-90 if I have that much appeal.

Will you recruit in-game?
Probably, if I see a good player in the ocean without an alliance I'd recruit him. If that's what in-game recruiting means. If it means searching the O board daily for players to recruit, then no, I won't.

What way are you going?

Will you start rim/semi-core/core?
Depends on member list. Large? Core. Small? Rim.

Member list so far:
Jarpenguin Fan
Gareth Thomas

Any questions? Please ask. If you'd like to apply, message me on here, or on Skype (Iluvpenguins)

This will be updated and added on. Information on the alliance will be uploaded soon.

My skype is down temporarily so just pm me from here
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arul asveen

So u want to battle us?
Well we are ready to defeat u guys :p

Jarpenguin Fan

lol you are looking good.But i am willing to take on a challenge...


You definately have the right attitude to become a good leader.

Best of luck mate :)

Jarpenguin Fan

i aint jarpenguin...

Guys stay on topic please

And yes owen i wont lie like some others who think that they are the best leaders in the world.

Jarpenguin Fan

i luv you jarp join my premade and then dismiss it lol only kidding


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I have found out who this 'jarpenguin fan' is!!! :supermad: :supermad: :supermad:
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