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It is with a heavy heart that i am saying goodbye to the Grepolis community both ingame and with the Moderation team. It feels like an eternity has passed since i joined Epsilon out of curiosity and here i am over 3 years later saying goodbye to something i never thought i would enjoy.

You may know me as a forum 'Titan' but i hope that enough of you got to know the real me, If you did you would know that this community holds a very special place in my heart and if needed i would have done everything i could to ensure it continued being amazing. Unfortunately all things must come to an end at some point and for me, that day has come.

This isn't a "real life is too busy" situation, this is me moving on with a positive attitude and on good terms with the userbase, fellow mods and the managers. I am looking forward to sleeping for longer periods of time thats for sure :D and im also looking forward to the next chapter in my 'online life'. I will still be lurking around the forums to see whats going on but for the most part this is me saying goodbye for good. Feel free to leave me a profile message and if i see it i will reply. I won't name anyone individually because you always miss someone out, so i will just say to all of you that you should be very proud of this community, you are all valued members,contributors and above all people that i will miss deeply.

Its been emotional, grammar was never my strong point.


Well..As I've already said; although, I will say it all again anytime..

FOTNS you'll truly be missed in the community and on the moderation team. You were a great guy and an awesome moderator. I thank you for everything!

I wish you the best! *hug*

Much love,


:( See ya Fisty.

You've been around forever and it'll be sad to see you go.

It has been good fun to be on the team with you, albeit it briefly.

GL with everything and whatnot. :)


:( Bai! I have seen you so long here, it will be strange seeing you without the Titan thing underneath your name.


umm i didn't know u for long. but i saw u were mod for most parts and sections and have contributed a lot
so its sad to see u go since tyrion left as well
but hope u get a good night sleep god knows i want that too :D
take care


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Goodbye fotns, you are an important and memorable part of the community here and it will sad to see you go. Goodluck wherever life takes you. :)


You'll be back... You've done this before.

Maybe you're having another baby? OR, MAYBE YOU ARE THE BABY. WHAT. WHAT.


You will be missed in the community and all over servers...

I wish you all the best in your life and hope you come back soon...

Greatest mod after my favourite which i wont say