Your Go-To God


My first is probaly herioc power since im trying to create my first myth nuke of harpies which will take ages since i can only make about 4 or 5 a day :(


Ya so far the highest i got was about 55 but then had to use to help a conquest attempt :( so i lost all of them and am trying to rebuild the nuke it seems like forever tho :(


And how many points are those cities?
My harpy nuke city is 10125 points.

And the max number op harpies is 185, a little less than 200 :p (It used to be less points)
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:cool: This is a good thread, I'm just starting out so it gave me a broad good idea of what god to! Thankx :p


It comes down to taste. For my first city I really like Athena, not because of the powers, but plain outright - the centaurs. They're awesomly cheap and with a low favor/temple req which allows them to be mass produced fairly quickly. (relatively) They're loot capacity and speed are great for farming, also for strengthening villages to loot with your first archers.

But I can also imagine Poseidon and Zeus as firsts to be really effective - obviosly for they're cheapest divine powers. For your first city.. getting an extra 800 lumber each ~6-7 hours ain't that bad. As for chariots - when they slowly pile up, they not only make good farmers, but are actually quite useful in taking out sword heavy farming villages.

Hera for me is actually the worst god for the first city, the myth unit seems ok, but it's way more favor than the centaurus, more res, and only slightly more loot capacity. The powers are way too inneficient in the early stage of the game.

When your city has grown however, the usefulness of the gods alter. With a greater favor production one can look at the more expensive divine powers with more attention. Suddenly hera and poseidon with they're speedy production abilities are far more potent, because of adequate resource flow, whereas athena and zeus have little to offer in terms of growth.

Overall, my go to god is athena, because I think she's the most versatile.

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Athena, pegasus are realy good in defence and to be honest wisdom has saved me more than once.


Divine powers

How do you get the desire favour from Hera? Mine is grayed out


you need to have hera selected as a god in one of your cities and you need to have enough hera favor. each city can only have one god as patron or patroness.