Your Grepolis orientation!


WELCOME TO GREPOLIS!!! i am Nodcrush and will be your guide. As a 5 time top 12 leader with only 2 defeats ever i feel i will be adequtte for the job...However there are many more people with better creditials than i i'm sure. :)

Alright lets start with this simple question

Do you plan on being good?

if no - don't worry about activity, stay offline, fall behind, get farmed, get conquered, complain about it, and finally rage quit. enjoy the grepolis experiance :)

if yes - WELCOME TO THE REAL GREPOLIS ORIENTATION!!!! you social life is now canceled for the duration of the game time you play...and god forbid you play multiple worlds or stick one out to the end.

what you can expect.
if you have a wife/ husband - expect to hear nagging...that goes double or more if you're mormon. (; (i am kidding mitt romney don't win the election as punishment please)
if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend- chances are you are going back on the market! :D
friends? your social life will be cut down for sure if not entirely eliminated.
do you like sleeping? not anymore you dont! once you get big you'll have hundreds even sometimes thousands of attacks in bound sleep will not be happening for you.
oh you like drama free games? BOY DO I HAVE BAD NEWS FOR YOU! :) everyone you attack will pretty much cry about it.

oh you want to lead you say? well that goes DOUBLE for you! as it turns out being a good leader (top 12 or late world contender) often involves all of those + the drama of diplomacy and leading ops against enemy alliances + your inbox being full from recruitment. sometimes you will have up to 2-3 pages of messages from people you never even heard of!

oh you plan on using the alliance profile to state your recruitment and diplomacy requirements or just even saying youre closes altogether? TOO BAD THEY DON'T CARE AND EVEN STATE IT IN THE MESSAGES THEY WILL BE SENDING YOU :)

so when you really think about it new guys do you have what it takes to be good? if you commit to a world and get big youre in for about 2 years of constant attacks, drama, and bs. you'll find yourself hating people you never even met before and almost all of you will undoubtably not be in your orginal alliance by the end of the game. and to top it off you might not even win the world. so do you really have what it takes? (;

to anyone reading this top part was ment as a stab at creating fun. don't get me wrong its pretty damn true you'll go through a lot. many of you reading this won't even survive a world, life gets in the way, the game gets boring, or you get rimmed it happens sometimes no matter how hard you try. HOWEVER the game is fun and if you set your mind to things you can do whatever you want ^.^ its a tough game cuz its really competative and requires a lot of time management and attention but it is fun and actually fairly addictive. to be honest you can do it and i hope my joke wasn't too discouraging though you will face all of this bs for sure if you brave through it it only makes you a better player. best of luck newbies :)

- Horus -

It happens to everyone at some point, whether new or old. I would rep, but I need to spread the love. ;)

- Horus -

@Horus: Huh?
Everything listed here, from learning the game, to becoming a leader. We all experience something like this whether you're a newb or even a more seasoned player.

Hagop abroumian

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