Announcement Your New Moderator


Hiya Beta Forum-goers ! :)

Looks like you guys got the "new" mod. It won't be that bad all I expect is the following:

  • Stay within the [url="]rules[/url]
  • Keep a positive (on-topic) and friendly chat/discussion.
  • I think that's it..

If you do your best to follow these rules I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

I look forward to hearing and reading about what's going on in World Beta.

~ Lane

PS: If you find posts that violate the Forum Rules please report the post and I'll deal with it asap ! :)


Welcome to Beta forum. Not as much forum action recently, but some of us are still alive and kicking.


Thank you, Gotham ! :)

If you guys have any ideas for comps, etc please feel free to PM me and I'll review them and talk to the other mods and see what we can get done. :)

~ Lane


Hiyaa JTin ! The pleasure is on me. ;)
Looking forward to hearing about Beta since my leave.

The norm, lots of wars cancelling out big progress and big points, well thats my theory as to why we've had smaller alliances and players opposed to neighbouring worlds. If you want to catch up fully with a comphrensive explanation; chat me on Skype :).


Hey look, you guys have some fresh meat to play with :p

Good luck Lane :)