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Hey all,
I was wondering what your honest opinions of my alliance Gods of War are?
I personally think we are growing nicely, i was just wondering if anyone had any tips?


Let's see - looking at the stats I'd say you've been around bout 6 or 7 weeks. Your alliance is ranked 15th and you have 78 members.

Yet you only have 85k of BPa in that time and you already have ruthlessly slain about 25 abandoned cities out of a total of 76. That is not at all impressive. Think I've managed to gain more BPa over the last 6 weeks than your entire alliance and I've been on holiday for 3 weeks and now pretty much inactive.

You are growing far too slowly in terms of aggression and with attacking stats like that you couldn't scare the skin off a cold rice pudding. Get some fire in you and attack properly. Leave those ghost cities alone and prove yourself against proper players. With 78 members and about 80% activity levels your alliance stats should be clearing 150 - 200 k BPa per week with breaking a sweat. I used to get concerned if I didn't personally clear at least 35k BPa every week.

You statistical reputation at the moment shouts ATTACK ME. 80% of this game is the 'face' you show to everyone else. It looks a little to easy to kick sand in it atm.