I have no time for fancy formatting - there are cities to take...

What comes before ONE??? Zero, obviously.

This makes me the pre-eminent alliance in this world. I am not sure whether this makes me better than the "eminent" allinace, but it prolly does.

In fact, I am so skilled I successfully defended a CS while on a 2 month break. This is a little sad, if you think about it.

[report]b592f8753085f0c3100f49b85133daab[/report] - it doesnt post here and I am far too lazy to figure it out.

Zero tolerance
Zero mercy
Zero diplomacy
Zero use of deodorant and other personal grooming aids

So WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thresher nice to see u back. Btw captn howdy and pedrophe left and blak lobos took over TO