Before introducing my alliance, I'd like to introduce myself a bit as I'm new to the EN-servers.
I'm Mike, 25 years old and not new at the game at all. I play at Dutch servers as well (NL) and after facing the same players world after world (and I have to say that there was no appealing new world on the Dutch servers) I was looking for something new and ended up here.

Not sure if this English forum is much alike the Dutch one, but back in the Netherlands the general forums are usually the place to get in touch with the more experienced players. I'm looking forward to meet new people (both experienced ones and beginners) that like to join me.


Ocean 25

Founded March 30 2014

(In Ancient Greek, Zythos means "Beer")

Goals (for now):
- create a safe haven in Ocean 25
- terrorize the ones that challenge us :)
- having a lot of fun

- Mature and experienced leaders
- fun mix and balance between experienced and beginning players
- everyone is active

Please message me in case you have any questions, or for some chat.

In case you're not active on Mochlos yet and care to join me:

yours truly,

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welcome! not sure if your aware but a new world comes out tomorrow, i would suggest waiting unless your trying to be laid back, and if you do decide to join the new world, id love to offer you a spot in my alliance, let me know


Wasn't aware of that, thank you!

Hm, Revolt and good speed, sounds interesting. Is there an ETA on the launch?


we can never know, but im pretty sure it goes off German time