A new war


It's actually nearly impossible to rim somebody in this game that doesn't want to be rimmed, once everybody starts getting 5 or more cities. The game is designed that way--the devs don't want people leaving because they "lost." Few of the truly good players want to attack a player with 1/10 their points who has a city with a level 25 wall and 1.5K defensive troops, because they know that with morale they're going to lose 5-6 slingers for every swordsman they kill, etc. True, it is possible to rim somebody like that, but very few people actually want to take 1-2 cities at a ratio of 1 defense unit killed to 5 or 6 offensive units lost. This ensures at the end of the day very few people actually "lose" in this game, which helps ensure it's popularity.

But back on topic, I guess I have to make this elusive PnP.... when I've got time. Stay posted Lambda!:D


yea i guess it would be hard, but either way we would have made him nearly nonexistent