Advanced Gimp Guide


Gimp Guide

For Advanced Users​

Smudge Effects
Simple Effects
First Let's Start Off With This Template That I Prepared Earlier

Then Smudge In Various Directions

The Finished Effect Should Look A bit like this. Gradients Work Better though.
Advanced Effects
If You have an Image you really want to turn into a sig but it's like my phoenix this should help you.

Let's Start Off With This Unfinished Template

You'll have to get the image you want put it on your sig then get the outer colour and fill the blank space with it

Fill The Blank Space With A Colour From Your Image Like So

Use The Smudge Tool To Blend The Colours Together. It might take a while as you will have to go over it with colours and blend again.

Heres The Finished

Text Effects
Let's Start Off With Some Green Text

Add a gradient over the text is any direction

Erase everything but the text then paste it on to your sig
Varying Colours
First write your text

then add desired variation colours using spray paint, dodge and burn

you should end up with something like this

New Version (Even more advanced stuff)
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Thats not a complete guide. Its just showing your smudge in which you have used in every sig! Not arguing. I like the idea of smudging. keep up the good work


Nice smudging effect, I need to download GIMP as I just use pixlr


I'm going to do light effects tomorrow heres what it might look like :)



I use GIMP for it!

not really an "advanced" guide, but some useful tips. nice job.


The advance pic for smudge must have been deleted on photobucket.