Newspaper Alliance of the Week


The numbers will be pretty stable I suspect, mainly because for every active player you add someone goes inactive.

Unless there will be merges of course.


no they would stay the same. these alliance know where their limit will be with members. SL has a slightly stricter invite policy then UC but it doesn't matter as long as you are in the range of 80-110


Reapers Of Darkness

Well we had a lot of chitter chat in this thread. But i dont mind. It just keeps the forum going

Their Profile said:

We are a small group of very Active and Committed players who strive for the Best. We do all we can to help each other grow!!

If we want you, we will find you, as we are not an MRA. We take pride in our small numbers and our very high activity rate so invitations are on a strict basis.

If wanting an Invitation, be Prepared, as Refusal may offend.

If you want to contact us then message:


For Diplomacy contact:


I found out about them just a couple of days ago and I'm loving them! Bring back my times in Delos. Small, probably too small but well rounded. They have an player average that rivals SL and have a chunk of bp to boast with. Lol SL you got a rival in your ocean. My message to you guys is to let time pass and see where it gets you. Pick up some more members get to 50 members and you will be able to get some more more easily. Good luck. I am giving you the best alliance of the week award for being The best small alliance out there


damn i should try getting into one of these alliances ;)


M.i.r ii

The secret of success in life is related
to honesty and decency.
If you have these qualities, the success is

For invitations and other questions contact:

-trueking back

Want to join us? Do not even bother unless it meets the following requirements:

- Speaks English.
- Are you ready to give everything for the
- Active and aggressive attacks on
- To be in the area where we are

notice how there is no requirements for points. truly holding up the legacy of M.I.R. i wonder if they notice that there is no M.I.R anymore. what do you think the leaders would do if they found out. Stayed like this, renamed themselves to MIR I, dissolved the alliance? My guess is MIR I. anyway giving them it for total and utter Flop!


They should change it to The Mrymidon Revolution II or whatever- or in my favour DISBAND!!!:pro:


Legions of Gaul

Its been a rough week for me give me a break! Just had a cs in my harbor.

Logo made by Shubhamsaboo

Ten soldiers wisely led will
beat a hundred without a head.


Legions of Gaul is recruiting active players. The player has to meet the following requirements:

- Player must be active on our forum
- Player needs to have respect for other players

If you think you have what it takes to become a part of Legions of Gaul, send us a mail and we will decide if you can join.

Recruiter: nestor machno


If you wish to pact with Legions of Gaul you will have to send us a mail. Pact requests sent without a mail will not be accepted, and will only get you a bad reputation.

Diplomat: BaDStranger


You can contact any of the leaders below if you have important things to discuss.

Leaders: Maximoose and Wetwings.​

I have to say nice job to LoG. Finally got a coalition against us. You guys are such failures! You go to war against us but you can't beat us signal handily so you have to get a coalition of noobs and failures! NWE is ok i guess. If i was going into a coalition i would have chosen them too but not as my second most important alliance! But seriosuly! New Era and The Immortals! Lol you must be desperate. You dont understand how big of a whole you have made for yourself. Do you know how many neutral good alliances you have ticked off by pacting with these noobs! From respectable alliance you have gone to the head of the noob confederacy. I hope your players know what you have brought you into. A big war the the real champions of Oropos. And not just with Unstable Connections but with all the other good alliances too. I am giving the Alliance of the week award to you for Biggest Flop Yet!


This alliance of the week makes no sense anymore. You are just mad at us and that is why you keep telling other people we are flop.

If someone else could do this alliance of the week thingies it would be better, this guy only wants to us off right now.


not true at all. look onto my previous posts. i dont know if you know but a lot of people know of your coalition and i have talked around and not many like it


I am not responsible for any coalitions that do or don't exist between any alliances against who-ever their enemy is and I don't worry about what people think of the afore mentioned potentially existing (but not necessarily real) coalitions because its not my problem :) I'll still enjoy the game if everyone turns on us, just not for as long :p

Anyway the tone of your previous post seemed like you were annoyed regardless of the content and I am sorry if we have bothered you mr penguin.


i'm not annoyed im sorry such a good alliance had to stoop the level you are at


Penguin I think you should talk less in the forum and actually do something in the world it self.