Alliance Stats


was looking through the alliance stats and just noticed that not only was Dissident Archangels still alive,,we didnt want to dissollve them for personal reasons,,but that they are still ranked in the top 7 for all alliance stats
Dissident Archangels is ranked
attacker - 7th
defender - 5th
fighter - 7th

pretty good for alliance that really hasnt existed for 3 months

so big shout out to all members and former members who made this possible , and especially to those who moved on and brought there own stats and stature to our new alliance ,that is currently ranked 1st in ali these categories:heh:,teamwork is the key,and as always every player from every alliance is only as good as their mates,,well maybe not nanatea,in a world of her own i think! LOL! !
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My ninja duties call me elsewhere from time to time. You know secret stuff so dont always get a great signal to check in on my phone, such a shame *sigh*

That's true tho... should prob throw one of my hot tub parties, they are always fun :D


Id come back to Belle for hot tub parties, any thing with pools and parties I'm IN :D

Plus it my fave Skype emote :)


Totally (cool)

My hot tub parties are the best in TFC, if not the whole of Bell ^-^

Just make sure that as soon as you hear sirens you split, i've prob already jumped out the window so scatter!


TFC party tub

sorry guys we dint invite everyone this is exclusive for tfc family only lol

fell free to guess where em i in the picture..:D


You step out to grab a crate of beer for 2 mins and everyone's in the hot tub *facepalm*

Someone is gonna have to clean that mess up...