Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim


1. WARLORDS float
well this alliance is loosing their ground..i wonder whose taking them out across all the ocean:pro:

but they have chance to survive if they will just focus on their ocean alone and cut loose all the their members whose to far with them well this one had run to much and trying to ruined the game via inviting all the alliance they seek ..

well your era is now over

2. Mercenaries swim
well really dont know all i can say they are good..

3. warlords a:sink
a big debris of warlords all over the ocean,,well this one is a misguided and i can see that they really have a poor council, well this alliance are not improving and they are merely growing by points only and using their quantity on bullying an alliance

well your era is now over :pro:

4. WARLORDS B:sink

same comment with barneys and friends :) lol

5. Argonauts:swim
well saw some decent players
and ranked 4 on abp..well i guess their location was away from major wars i wonder on how they progress as this world moves forward

6. The Greek Cities:swim
their stats is progressing and took some cities of warlords

7.Lions Of Macedon
dont know them though their stats is progressing

8. Optimum:sink
well really don't know them
it seemed this alliance is a big simmer..

9. Unknown
well all i can say its unknown

10. supernova:swim
they have solid core and they know how to recycle their inactive and they really hate warlords

11. Spartan Legion:sink
another need to detail them any further

12. ARMY OF DEATH:sink
well dont know them but base on their stats they will sink

this are jsut my point of view so everything that are written on this are not accurate
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Hy there logans the name and we are no simmers you will see hahaha we started a month late in this world.
Game on :O)


well logan as i said i really dont know anything to everyone these are opinion i stated above and basing my opinion on abp dbp stats and recruitment



Warlords a were okay before they started threatening us for no reason, if they wish to lose ocean 46 then that is an easy way to do it.


The Argonauts will swim definitely, they have very good members and they are very loyal.

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From the looks of things, this world looks pretty dead. Warlords seem to have monopolized the server.


all "good" things come to an end, i don't think many alliances can be that big for long, things will happen, they always do.


i never thought i would post anything here. but here it goes.

it's interesting how people change alliance in this world its laughable. only cowards changing alliance when they notice that they get resistance. such player wins no respect but remains whimps to the end. many players just joins the mra of the week. yes you all know who you are. so this sink and swim thing is hilarious to read.


Updated top 12, a little movement on the bottom - thoughts?

2. Mercenaries
4. Optimum
5. The Greek Cities
6. Argonauts
7. Lions Of Macedon
9. Unknown
10. Order of Prometheus
11. Spartan Legion
12. Supernova


the only alliance in the top 12 that seems that great to me is unknown, and without pusakal idk how they will do.


i liked the unknown until they started a refugeecamp. now they probably going to crack in a couple of weeks.