Top 12 Alliances |Sink or Swim|


The Founder of Bad Wolf would like to say well done for getting all 4 wonders built first, but your not getting all seven let the fight begin, because i predict it will be a long battle, also i have no personal distaste for any players in this world, unless they are disrespectful to me, over the years i have had many mails from players who have been rude to me and have paid for it, so i say to all this is a game we are all players that know how to play there's no point in hating entire alliances of players you end up playing with them in other worlds so its pointless as said there are the few that you end up having personal hatred for because they have been rude in some form or another but whole alliances just because they are in enemy alliance, damm that list would be long for the past 5 years of playing anyway enough said well done see you in grepo...

Well said. In the end, its just a game. Hate is a really strong thing to throw around so lightly.


as a humble soljer, there is no need for you to know the answer to this question :p

Who the hell are you telling who I am and what I need what I don't need!
You have been asked a question politely, answer if you have one. Or, shut up if you don't. What's this? A joke? Are you taunting with me?
I checked some of your other BS here, with the conclusion below:
It is my turn now I'll tell you what you need man. Get a serious therapist without losing more time.