Top 12 Alliances


Yea, I recently won world wonders on corinth and have no desire to ever build them again. Was the most boring month or so of gameplay. It becomes incredibly tedious and boring to keep just sending resources. Wonders also slow down the action, I for one will never be building wonders again unless they revamp it and make it more fun I suppose.

Dave Y

Noone says that fighting cannot continue when building WW's. It is smart and selective fighting that matters at that point.


Whats this.. I hear the people clamoring for another top 12? Well I suppose I should entice my fans if thats the case ;)

1. MOS- (I realize they changed their name, but they will always be MORS to me.) - Anyway are the top alliance points wise on the server, I don't know if I would say they are the top alliance anymore. They are losing more cities to PfK than they are taking and have many of their players either inactive or in VM mode. This alliance is a shell of its formerself although still one of 2 alliances that has a chance to win this world in my eyes.

2. PfK- My old alliance so will try to keep this short, but they are growing more powerful by the day and gaining ground on MOS. Looking very impressive and the only other alliance with a chance to win the world outside of MOS.

3. The Shadow Leauge - Good bp and what not, just don't see what will happen to them in the end, only one alliance can win the server and since they are allied with MOS it will not be them. Assuming when the time comes many of their top players will jump ship and fill out MOS leaving the rest of them screwed or maybe they will turn on MOS and make WW time interesting?

4. DOOM - seem like a good alliance taking cities off of MOS and solidifying there area of the world. Their bp leaves me wanting a little more, should be a bit higher for their rank, but good alliance none the less.

5. TheWall - seem content to just fight noobs on the rim, so meh.

6. Pirates of Pella - a joke of an alliance

7. Revive - the remains of TDK after their internal destruction, assuming many of them will find homes elsewhere by the end of the server.

8. One for the Road - an amazing small group of fighters from the beggining, always had respect for these guys, seems they will be joining PfK soon. So with that said RIP OfTR, great alliance and will be remembered by Pella.

9. GGW - Seem to have fallen greatly since IMin and the others jumped to PfK, they are still around though I suppose.

10. Sarissa - small group who keeps n fighting MOS and the evil legions of Lotta Mistici.

11. DOOMED- academy for DOOM?

12. Legends of the Fall - dont really know alot about these guys, seems like they have some expereinced members though.

Sorrry if this wasnt a detailed top 12, hard to do these when a world gets so far along.


Heard you were leaving us again bend, sorry to hear that! :(

Also.. think youve misinterpreted the TSL/MOS relationship, suggesting they will get left out in the cold is a bit of a strange statement. Lol.

Other than that, everyone is entitled to their opinions. :) I think DOOM has a chance at wonders as well, from my conversatinos with DUKES he seems pretty happy with the way things are going anyway!


Yea, I'll still troll around the forums though so I can keep tabs on my gf Sapphire Sorrows. Dont want her cheating on me, that and so I can communicate with good folk like you Chris.

As far as TSL/MOS I have no doubt you are loyal allies to each other, my assertion is that only one alliance can win the server, seeing as MOS doesnt have enough room for all of TSL and probably won't by WW time one of two things will happen. Either MOS and TSL will have to fight each other/or you guys will take in their other players. Those are the only two scenarios I can see playing out, I cant imagine by that time you guys will have enough room for all of their players left.

Yea I suppose DOOM has an outside chance, but from what I can tell the main competitors will be PfK and MOS assuming things continue along the same path they have been.
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Ahh, I realise as you have handed over your account to ppetic that you probably can't see profiles etc.

I'll mail you and catch you up!


I was a member of OftR and they were far more than #8 we were in a bloody war with TSL and Winning even when they gained the aid of MOS, in my mind we were better than MOS itself
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Its not a ranking of how good the alliance is, its their position in the points ranking of the world.

Whyd you think MOS is number 1 in almost every top 12? I dont think people like us THAT much, although i know a few people that have an unhealthy affection for some of us.

I know Mr Whatsup has a natural affection to my personality. :) Him and mas talk about smashing my head in with a sledgehammer apparently. *insert reference to this being only a game here*



its their position in the points ranking of the world.
I disagree. Points don't mean much. Its abp that matters.

Thats like saying the no.1 alliance is great but for all we know it could be a MRA and they arent great. Its bp that matters not points.


I just noticed that the great Lotta Mistici has fallen,how could that be they were such a fierce group of warriors. Now I believe I remember Sapphire boasting about she will keep playing with the same group of players and not merge into someone unless it is an equal mergel blah blah blah loyalty blah blah blah stuff about not being allied with MOS and friends blah blah blah.

Anyway lets all bow our heads in silence for the greatest group of simmers grepo has ever seen ;)

Sapphire Sorrows

If you quote it then it must be true bend, you who still play every world you've ever joined.

LM joined an ally. What did you do?
Oh wait. you left, got another account, then left again. And not once during this time did you attack me. So how would you know how I play?


I don't have to attack you to know how you play, all I have to do is look at your bp. 20 cities with only 68k bp, seems like you are running a lot of city festivals to me, so yes, that makes you a simmer. Of course I didn't attack you, you were far far away from me. I couldnt even of sent a cs at you because of the time restrictions grepo places on them. Even funnier the reason you joined Shadow League, you and your group were getting hammered by Sarissa who you had previously bragged you could hold your own against.

As I have stated before I will not stick around on a server if all I have time to do is sim, that is no way to play grepo and I will not do it.

Remember speaking of loyalty to alliances huh in my time on Pella whether I left and came back or not all of my time was spent with one alliance, Play for Keeps, who I founded with my mate Apheidas. Where is PfK now, where is Lotta Mistici now? Whose leadership laid structure for a more long lasting strong alliance, whose presence effected the world more? Both easy questions to answer for the unbiased and intelligent. Anyway go back to being irrelevant again, you should thank me for being so nice as to give you and your group a moment in the spotlight.

Sapphire Sorrows

You don't have a presence in pella, only a voice on the forum - sooooo this says what?

Your trolling is a bit sad.


Play for Keeps the alliance I founded, set the ground work for, and brought in alot of the current leadership by merging Lords of Pella in is still definatly my presence in the world. Without me PfK would never of existed, I am taking nothing away the players in there now, they have climbed to the heights they are at now on their own, I am simply stating that without me they would not exist and it is unlikely the same group of players would all be together.

So I would say I have more of a presence in the world now than you ever have or ever will and you are still playing the world, sooo this says what?? Your a bit sad no?

Sapphire Sorrows

You are claiming credit for other people's work again :)

Have fun with that. I'm playing grepolis.


So I didn't found PfK, lay the structure for it, recruit its players, and then eventually merge players from LoPE into it? Silly me here I was thinking I did all of that. Never claimed credit for others work did you miss the part where I said they got to where they are now by themselves and I was taking nothing away. Its ok I know reading isn't your forte Sapphy. It is impossible to state that the alliance Play for Keeps would exist without me anyway you spin it.

I would hardly call what you do playing grepolis Sapphy, but if you call signing in, running some city festivals, losing some cities to Sarissa, and then taking internals or players without an alliance to replace those players "playing" grepo then I suppose you are "playing".


Mos/shadow league united- best alliance on the server but by the looks of stats they are getting beats from pfk....overall amazing alliance one of th best I have ever seen
Questions: is their leadership strong enough to keep all the new members satisfied
: are thy strong enough to hold off pfk
prediction: most people will leave before wonders
player I like most: aidica
Play For Keeps- good alliance pretty much fighting mos by themselves and doing a great job by the looks of it...strong leadership and the pas day they look like they lost a lot of cities to mos....maybe that your wake up call
Questions: whats your plan for the future?
prediction: I see their strongest player leaving and alliance will collapse....but what do I know.
player I like most: iminyourpolis
DOOM/DOOMED-at war with theWall and mos....looks like they are losing a lot of cities since they decided to war with theWall which is giving them a beating aswell....but I think they are quite strong and will hold on
Questions: are you going to be pfk's puppets till server ends and also cut the dead weight....wakeup and smell the coffee only one alliance can win
Predictions: big players will leave for pfk and sme for enemies.
player I like most: Darposeidon
Great Global Warriors- at war with mos and theWall and also getting a beating from thewall.....haven't got a good core right now all scattered around oceans....overall got some good players but too many simmers
Question: why did u take in revive?
Prediction: will get rimmed I think
player I like most: one and only miksik
theWall- I think the good players from tdk ....good strong players in this alliance but you guys need to take a decision and pick a side....I like the idea of fighting everyone but not good you need to choose a side to make the world more fun...(hint-mos) anyways I don't think you can hold a war against all the alliances on your own....u need a decision quick and I know ur new but get ur bp up
Questions: which side will you choose
: can you fight on many fronts
Prediction: choose a side or get rimmed lol
player I like most: the mayor
Pirates of Pella: simmers sorry guys
prediction: will get rimmed
Sarrisa : same as the thewall great alliance with a small number of players....frm what I hear gave sapphy and friends something to cry about lol....overall great alliance....I like these guys a lot
Prediction: will probably join another world when wonders start
player I like most: ajk and trax


Good comments for the most part, a few major oversights, but decent none the less. Gave you some plus rep.

Almost all of the takes that MOS had off of PfK in the last few days are off a player who appears to be inactive, PfK is still trouncing them in the overall conquest count. Saying the PfK players will leave to go somewhere else is farfetched. PfK has been here since very early in the server and all of its players are very loyal to each other. I don't think they are going to disband over a few lost cities to MOS from an inactive player.

Good comments though, glad to see someone do one of these.