Top 12 Alliances


LOD are meanies they keep attacking me for some reason ;)

--- Lets concentrate on these 2 players.....

These 2 players, RealMasterOfDisaster and amalia.manos need to be taken out, and i dont mean for supper. priorities should be a combination of;

-RMD gave a city to eod, so we need to take his first to preclude him doing that again
-we need to take the bigger ones first so he cant colonize after and make more
-we need to take the ones closest to the ww islands as they will pose the greatest danger

morale is an issue for all the larger players, and will only get worse as we go, so it must fall to LOD3 to get this done. which means it falls to you to get it done... lol.

i have a couple slots, i can take a couple after they are taken, i don't care where or how small. lets just take care of this quickly.


Oh no :eek: what ever shall I do :pro:
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Boop, you're very funny!
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