Top 12 Alliances

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Who said anything about being good?

I never mentioned that I'm a good player. I consider myself average at best.

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Only ones who can do anything is Pacific Rim (a bit), Swarm or MFW, nothing else left in here. I'm not even gonna waste my time now doing a Top 12...

Bond 007

I wonder why MFW haven't started their 7th WW yet. Out of the top alliances, they seem to be struggling the least by inactives. Maybe they are waiting for the world to die out for an easy victory?

But I am not sure Swarm is giving up on it, ultimately, they will have to do some major WW busting.


1 Swarm of Demons
biggest allaince have been for a long time, inactives seem to being sorted out slowly, BP is low but thats becasue its a new allaince in the world personaly i thought this was a bad idea!

2 - MFW -
by far the most aggrisive allaince in the server with some great activity! great solid leadership! and well deserved to the first 4 WW

3 Pacific Rim
could make a diffrence to the server if they was to orginse with a side and hammer the other!! or they could try there own war agaist great global warriors for some end of server fun :)

4 Great Global Warriors
again could make a diffrence if they all hit one allaince or could fight PR for the rank 3 spot

5 Brothers of War
didnt realise these guys was still playing lol!! agian they can hurt PR or try to attack SOD but not gonna do much damage i dont think

6 Sparta Union 16888155 67 252062
7 Swarm of Demons2 9815275 50 196306
8 Cake or Death 8256271 37 223142
9 S.T.O.R.M 7362218 25 294489
10 Erebus 6044806 68 88894
11 Grief 5471996 14 390857
12 Aetolian League 3992052 33 120971


It is humorously pathetic that a Leader in a major alliance would have to revert to dishonorable tactics and play two accounts; one with a super low morale in an effort to ensure they can keep a city if they are ever fortunate enough to land one. We are good...but even we do not stand a chance of breaking a siege against 40% morale.
Does this make you proud? Make you feel like you are good at the game and you accomplish something? Is this your way of finally admitting you are not good enough to lead your team and come at us head on and take one?


You know the old saying. Win if you can...Which you cant. Lose if you must. Which you did. But always cheat. Which you are doing

Bond 007

The irony is strong...


Some of you may not like how things are going or ever went, hell, some of you might just be here to help the enemy in the best capacity you can - I know this and so do many others.

Please do us a favor, if you do not want to be here, leave, go, get the heck out cause it is just not worth the trouble. In the end council will be making decisions on the future of players' continued place in this alliance. Why you may ask? Simple: We do not need players who do not help the alliance in the first place or those who may be lurking in the shadows just to pass on information to the enemy.

We have be observing and watching the events and happennings so eventually we will just kick players without a single word because this has been said a thousand different ways a good 50 times by myself and other leadership of this alliance. Personally I am sick of it.....sick of the backstabbing, sick of the incompetence, sick of the indepedant solo rollers and those riding the alliance coat-tails.


It is just sad and sickning, it is dishonorable and dispicable. We have seen it happen many times in the past, but eventually such things take its toll and just strike a nerve. Well, it finally has.

If you are thinking about following startrader, then leave! I have come across information that suggests there are more of you who want to leave and follow startrader's route. Then go. Other alliances are writing messages to you players to convince you of joining the other side....if you even have to think about it then you do not belong here....LEAVE!!!

Somehow through this entire server, with the entire server against us we have held the test of time and met all challenges....without the players passing info to the enemy we would have already succeeded in our goals on this server, but as it is we still have accomplished more than only 1 alliance and that is MFW (in terms of WW's). MFW has only accomplished what they have thus far due to information passing, they did not do it on their own and they did/are not fighting us one on one either. So what does that tell you? It tells me that they cannot defeat us without the help of the entire server and they atill are not accomplishing their goal!! SoD has prevailed against it all, against a deck stacked against us and with the odds for the enemy.....that makes me more proud than anything else.

Anyway, soon, some drastic changes will be happenning and you all are on is just not worth our time to continue on in the current form if things remain like this.

SO, if you want to go, please go it and get it over with. Those who may not be with us much longer, you had plenty of chances to correct the practices to meet the Alliance leadership expectations.

Sorry if this may come to a shock to some of you, but this certainly was no surprise and you all had plenty of warning and chances to change.


BF & SoD Leadership

Dave Y

There is no irony......if you see irony in this it is made up and fabricated. The words ring true and have been something this alliance has fought against since the beginning of this server. Not one of your alliances has fought us one on one; not a single one of you. The only alliance on this server who has taken on all challenges and major top 10 alliance has been SoD hands down......when things got tough for any alliances (MFW excluded) you all sought to pact and join in on the fight against A "single" alliance in SoD. I and anyone else in SoD couldn't care less that you all receive information, it has been that way from day 1, nothing new, nothing has changed, but to go flaunt it like it is something special just shows how weak minded you all are.
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Bond 007

The irony is very much there.

You love the use of spies in other alliances, however don't like being spied upon yourselves.

Dave Y

First of all no, you are wrong, I do not use spies and have not sent anyone to be a spy....if so it would be pretty obvious, so obviously they (the spies) are home grown in your backyard, which lends the question why your own members dislike your alliance?

On the otherhand, the spies in our alliance have not come from "homegrown" members, but those who made a decision to join the alliance with the forethought to spy for a certain alliance. There inlies the big difference and it is not irony.

It would be irony if this was a new development and it is not. It would be irony if I did condone and practice spying activities; which I do not.

Again you are speaking out your bung and without facts. The facts are simply that you do not know me, nor what I do, nor how I lead an alliance or what practices go on inside the SoD alliance. If you knew any of this you would know none of any spying activities are due to my approval or planning. Just because your members want to free willingly send information to other alliances does not make me a scapegoat for your alliances' shortcomings. While SoD does have spies inside of it, the resaons behind it has nothing in common with your no, there is no irony.
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Do I, or in fact any others care if spies were not planted by you? No. The fact that there are spies, with or without your consent, is enough.

You have had a spy in PR for ages, and in GGW as well. Now you can admit having one, or I can show proof of it which will just make your reputation horrible here as well. You choose.

Oh and you have plenty of people who hate your leadership, I have several messages regarding people complaining about your, and Evil-Moses' ego's, so really, even you have "homegrown" spies. That message was sent to me by one of your "loyal" or "original" members.
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Hehehe, I just love how you have different IGN's and then refer to yourselves in 3rd person :)

You guys must have a serious identity crisis! :eek: