Top 12 Alliances


Thousands of players in this server but yet less than 20 people on this server forum we need to publicise this more, we should message our enemy and link this to them so we can huge discussions instead of 4 guys having a drunken chat :pro:


we need more players, i would be surprised if most players in this server use the alliance forum since they dont use this -_-,
i know this is top 12 alliances discussion but come on 5 players and 30+ comments we need more to talk about :),
i personally like shadow knights only because its my alliance from gonnus well ex i left, and bsrm is a good friend i wish them well in this world :), an alliance should not listen to people saying good or bad but work together and prove everyone wrong this is grepolis alliances fall and grow unexpectedly :)


Give me some rum and I will join the chat :D. Anyways depressing how ZEP is disbanded. Wanted to see ZEP and BB kill each other. Also BB has a brother/sister alliance on top 2 and 3 still. Really hoping their disorder in their ranks will destroy them.


well we can either give each other rep and be nice or we can talk about BB and hope they dont see this because they are like so amazing with like 300 players they will hunt us down ahahaha, i love gossip but really 3 alliances already i say max 3 months of them doing well if they are not targeted


myrddin emyrs confident yes but it is early organize your self build a sustainable friendship with fellow alliance members and be ready for anything this game has twists and turns :)

Myrddin Emyrs

Im always confident, yes its early but i did bring a bunch of guys with me who are just as confident aggressive and active as i am, its amazing amount of large alliances here that dont do their homework and think they can take you on, ha ha another fail spy attempt got to laugh, anyway i have played for years and know players from previous worlds always helps, think give it month this world will get interesting, especially with the hero factor, its why i joined, let the games begin.


My Top 12 :)

1) Sweet Syn - Swim. After a look on the world map and a quick check of a few important stats, i'd have to give this alliance a 'swim'. Currently holding some good key players and are climbing the BP ranks nicely. Expect them to overtake stoats within the week in BP. Also they're positioned very nicely in O55. Despite this I've heard a few dissenting comments about the leadership which could spell trouble in the future.

2) Stoats Of Fury - Sink. I know that I'm going against what most people would probably predict, however I believe the stoats will sink. Though they have a star studed line up in the members list, they are very spread out and surrounded by alliance's that I believe will pull their weight in the coming weeks. Obviously they're initial surge in the BP charts was a very impressive feat, but I would have to think that pumping out that amount of troops so early on in a game world is going to hurt their ability to expand over the short term. There are also some very poor recruitment decisions being made by leadership there.

3) Blood Brothers II - Sink. An MRA and a poor one at that if their stats are anything to go on. Their numbers will keep them floating around for a few more weeks before moral breaks them apart as I see things.

4) Underworld Rising - Float. Another MRA with an academy, they look like they've got a lot of dead weight in there but a few players are of a very high caliber and make me wonder if they've got any tricks up their sleeves, plus they don't seem to have much competition in their ocean thus far.

5) Blood Brothers - Sink. Same reason as BB II.

6) Karma - Float. Nothing too promising so far, poor BP and an average members list with a lot of dead weight, but they own their ocean so I'll give them a float.

7) Serenity - No comment, formed less than a week ago so still have wait and see what happens.

8) Shadow Knights - Float. Good position in their ocean, but poor BP and not a great members list makes me wonder how long they'll keep the spot they hold.

9) This Perfect World - As founder of this alliance i have no comment.

10) Spartans of Darkness - Sink. Anything with the word 'Sparta deserves and insta sink in my books, read a book lads.


I am a member of karma and I would say that they do have an extremely high level of coordination at least and agreed anything with word spartan in it was started by some eight-year old who imagines he is the next leiondas. +rep to person above me.