Any oldies?

J.n.c 1993

I wasn't in Theta for long, if you remember... Theta was the first Speed 3 world and I wanted to see what it was like and I didn't enjoy it much lol.


i was in theta many moons ago

vox per fidem :D or something like that, left soon after for kappa or iota... can't remember which


I'm a Theta veteran as well, joined at the first day, and left when the world closed. :D

Nice to see you all. :D


LOL,some old timers never come to these forums. Others come under new names and guises so as not to be picked out,But all old timers have tells that give them away,you really dont change the way you build or you off/def. See you guys on the fields of honor


I've always used one account for the forums, and that's this :p

As I said some always keep the same tag others change from server to server,makes no difference the build and fighting style will give you away. especially when you get up to 20+ cities and use the same build formula over and over LOL. Not saying if its efective change it,but city 21 is all medusa city 22 is all cerebus etc,its a tale no matter what your name is