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Answer the following questions and discover the mathematical value of the all units to find the answer.

Prizes -
2 x 1500 Gold
5 x 1000 Gold
If there are more than 7 with the correct answer then the winners will be chosen at random. I might also have a few extra questions at the weekend so pop back for a chance to win something else.

Question 1. Socrates has 50 mantis. He sends 42 to attack Petramius and the rest are killed in an attack by Pericles. Pericles uses hoplites but only sends the lowest number required so none survive. Morale is inactive, luck is 0 and neither player uses boosts, spells, researches or advisors (obviously noobs!) There is no wall in the defending city.
How many hoplites did Pericles send? Divide the answer by 12. This answer =

Question 2. Mel57 is interested in the Olympus endgame and wants to know what is the maximum number of temples that an alliance can hold in a speed 2 world? This does not include Olympus itself. This answer =

Question 3. Jim05 is interested in the WW endgame. He wants to know how many cities are on all the islands that hold WW for one alliance. This assumes that all slots are taken and all 7 WW are built. Divide the answer by 7. This answer =

Question 4.

For this question you are looking at A+B=C+D. You need the value for the harpies.

So by answering the questions you find a numerical value for each token. This then enables you to calculate the numerical value of the Ladon. Post all answers below. Your answer will vanish but we can see it. Any questions or if you do not understand you can message me or post in the thread and I will answer so everyone can see.

Please note that these numerical values are not related in any way to actual fighting power for each unit. You need to answer the question to find a number.

Answer Like this:
1. Manti = x
2. Horseman = x
3. Bireme = x
4. Harpy = x

This competition is open until 23 March 9am.

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Grepolis Team
It looks like theres a bit of confusion here - I cant explain without giving too much away so I'm going to close this part of the Comp tomorrow afternoon at 15.00 (21st), and then add some more questions that are maths based.


Grepolis Team
Ok the answers:

Question 1. Pericles sent 108 hops, divided by 12 the Manti = 9

Question 2.
This is where there was clearly some confusion and there were actually more wrong than right answers here. In both 127 and 128 alliances had the ability to hold 12 small and 2 large temples but the wiki does not give you an answer. You could have logged in to 128 and looked at the info though. Horseman = 14

Question 3
. Every farm island has 20 cities, WW are all on their own farm island so an alliance with all 7 has 7x20 cities so 140/7 Bireme = 20

Question 4.
20 +14 = 9 + ?. Harpy = 25

There were more than 7 with a correct answer so I have just chosen 7 at random.

Congratulations to:

@King Soos
@Ton Leka

For those of u who want another calculation I have 2 more and 3 x Manti II as prizes so have a go at these. This then runs for a couple more days until the comp closes.

Extra Questions.
Prizes 3 x Manti II

So these are the token values that you are either given or discovered already with 2 still to find:

Using these find the value for 1. The griffin:

and 2. The Spartoi:

Just post as:

1. Griffin =
2. Spatoi =


Grepolis Team
Ok Competition closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. Everyone got the right answers here so well done.

1. Griffin = 4
2. Spartoi = 2

Selected at random for the manti tokens:


Please message me on the forum with the world you would like the token in.