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you still comment after saying you want to spend time with your son. Just ignore what we're saying and get of the computer, it's not that hard, I do it half the time when I'm in an argument or debate :D


How can ETA be dead when it's very much alive on your oceans?
More time with son yet playing more active worlds?
Not playing anymore yet there's militia and support is evident on your cities (we have reports).

Face it. It's hard to play when you are under pressure and it got to you. With no support from turtles4evercheater and with some inactive BA guys you lost hope. I would have respected you if you would have just owned up to it.
I agree with Misty, sorry mate but I don't believe every word you said. You cried wolf a lot of times already and used your son as an excuse yet you now play more active worlds?
I remember last time your argument was that your brother is the one playing your account yet YOU send PMs to Nilame trash talking him when he's attacking you. How can that be? Now you come back from VM then when you have 4 or 5 guys going after you, you now claim you're not playing yet you activate VM? Very contradicting.
Velael, unlike my friends here, I would love for you to stay in Eta and finish this world in style. Win or lose you deserve credit. Don't go down like that.


wachakow i havent got any support. id like to see the reports u so called have of me getting support. anyways kdahlb has talked me into staying. well him and the fact that rygarr is back. i'll be sticking around a little while longer.