Auto-Updating Maps

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Here are [user]ac04[/user]'s auto updating maps for this world. There are 4 different maps available, in 2 different sizes.

If there are any problems with the maps, please let [user]ac04[/user] know either by using a wall post, or by posting in the following thread:

So without further ado, here are the maps:



Thanks for this Baudin, been a long time coming :)
Yeah, I've had them generating for new worlds for about a month now, but wanted to stop the maps from being bulk generated on the server. I made the necessary changes yesterday, and asked the mods to roll them out to all worlds for me. Sorry for the long wait :p


Lol that's alright you can't be blamed for not doing them faster especially as your not even staff anymore, just good to have them up although i did notice that they are different from the old auto updating maps.


These maps havent updated in awhile. There is a near 200,000 point difference in some alliances