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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
You've all been patiently waiting for it, or I hope you have, and here it is! The submissions for the Battle of the PnP's.
Alright rules are simple:
  • No voting for yourself if you submitted a PnP
  • No campaigning for votes, be it ingame or forum
  • No bribing others to vote for you
Breaking any of those rules will result in me removing you from both this comp and any future comps in the Grepolympics.

The Entries :
Not so Sesame on the Street...


'Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?' sings an innocent Dobby as he enters the intriguing world Apollonia for the first time. The new world sparkles, bringing hope to players all around that this may be their time to conquer their way to glory. But for Dobby, this represents a chance to finally meet his heroes as he has been informed that for one world only Sesame Street will be present!

For many years, the inhabitants of Sesame Street have been Dobby's idols - from Big Bird to Oscar the Grouch - and he has done all he could to follow in their footsteps, with the dream of one day joining them on Sesame Street.

So when Dobby heard they were joining Appollonia, he just wished he would be able to join them. But, to his sorrow, he was rejected...


It felt almost as if he had had his sock taken from him once again.

In one last desparate attempt to savour his idols, Dobby started to reach out to the memebers if only to gain a glimmer of what he once saw. But they were even less forthcoming.

Sablestag AKA the cookie monster would not provide any cookies:

Even Kong Zeus, a player who is some form of monkey-god mix (what would that even look like!?), refused to sing Dobby the Elmo song - the most sacred of Sesame Street songs. In fact, he, I mean it, even failed to respond; but maybe that is because he only speaks monkey.

And worst of all was Obsidian King, who confirmed Dobby's worst fears - that the Street had become corrupt:

So, as Dobby slumped off into the distance, having had his dreams shattered before his very own eyes he remembered his other, and now only, heroes and pondered to himself:

Dobby said:
At least those guys at Sesame Street got one thing right.

Dobby said:
And in Grepolis there is no room for fuzzy puppets, unless they are of the Frog, Pig, Bear or Gonzo (what even is a Gonzo?!) kind.

These imposters have nothing on The Muppets!

So, until next time, Dobby moves on, looking for his next adventure and his chance to meet his true heroes - The Muppets.​

Ok, so i was late starting Apollonia, and I had a premade that I was starting with my friends and some othe forum goers. But as I went on later, they had made the alliance for me, so I wrote to them:


And I was like ‘What the fudge!’ I mean, I was never in the gonna-be-great alliance, how was it me who made it ‘be dead’. I mean, what a n00b. First grammar, what a tut-tut. What a ‘snap’ decision, I mean, how can you be under threat from CHILLYMAN, when he had like 3 members back then. Usually, someone with bad grammar, hasn’t got good leadership, who makes bad decisions.

Next, I made a new alliance, and started of sending messages to possible members on my island. They were part of a noobish MRA, and I explained how leadership is the key. A few of them joined, but one said ‘I don’t join alliances before BP’

So I replied, ‘Well your kinda in one now ~ n00b’

And he said, ‘am I? oh forgot to leave’ so he left, and after about half an hour, I saw him in reckless raiders.

So I said ‘Umm... BP hasn’t ended, why you are in an alliance, you know what, I could make a great PnP about this for the Forum Olympics, and your gonna be my main target...’

As you know, noobs start getting all stressy about threats, and he replied ‘PLZ! Plz don’t attack me! PLZ!!!!! I am only new. I will do anything 4 u. I’ll join your ally, also whats a pnp?’

So I replied ‘I don’t accept n00bs in my alliance, so say goodbye to your polis!’

And he said ‘Fine, I’ll get top player to conquer you when BP end!! HA!’

I replied ‘LULZ ;)

I mean, like the top player is gonna attack me because of some n00b who asked him to.

Time has granted me perspective to perhaps have a more balanced view. I will share my perception of that era, for those who are curious.

I think it is a classic case of allies knowing they will eventually have issues escalating matters. It is true that SOD initiated hostilities, albeit in a declared and limited fashion.

So my history....

1. Many months of mutual support and successful repulse of core teams by rim teams.
2. SOD declaring and winning strategic wars to defeat and absorb smaller border alliances.
3. SOD tells GOW leaders their next target is an 024 based alliance on their border that had invaded 034, o26
4. GOW asks SOD leaders to delay attacks on said team as they are asking for their help in war against RYR, DW, RATs etc.
5. SOD complies with GOW request and makes temporary NAP with said team.
6. Core alliances are repulsed.
7. SOD declares intention to conquer o24 per plan,
8. GOW leadership merges in the SOD target alliance into its GOW II academy, stopping any expansion by SOD. SOD sees this as a clear attempt to stop our growth, as no other options are practical other than to attack an ally. This angers SOD leadership and this is communicated clearly to a GOW leader over several weeks. It is not clear if this is shared, but GOW leaders encourage SOD to attack their long time ally instead (death Fiber or TLT). Both of these teams are our two oldest NAPs.
9. After negotiations for GOW to unmerge our target allance member fail, SOD declares its intent to attack and take over those cities in o24 anyway, per our prior agreement. We know this is likely going to cause trouble, but playing the game without any enemies would be way too boring. We announce this intent with over a weeks notice to GoW. GOW does offer 20 plus cities on o24 (a nice touch) As a compromise, that is rejected. Again free cities is not our goal, but to fight and have fun.
10. GOW chooses to stack these o24 cities with defense for cheap, easy BP. They also merge in other aggressive enemy players from the defeated central alliances. Their intent is to win using former enemies we had vowed to vanquish, thus becomes clear.
Some GOW players we respect split from GOW back to SE. We wonder if this is internal discontent or a ploy.
11. SOD SOD starts taking border cities in o24 anyway, after an announcing our intent, as is proper in our opinion. We say we will limit our attacks to the area of the former team. (As a side note,I was against war strategically, but the team wanted fun and the winning strategy was dull)
12. A few more players merge into sod, including one targeted by TLT in o34. The targets to attack thin further. Perhaps this is viewed as provocative in the way the prior merger was.
13. Tensions rise.
14. GOW attacks SOD across the board taking cities without any declaration of war, including one of mine on a ceremonial island in GOW territory (I named each city in a humorous way after an alliance (God of Pizza) is taken. It was basically undefend.
15. Full scale war happens....
16. A second city of mine close to GOW territory is targeted, but my defense of it holds. I earn 50k BP. Thanks, it was fun.
17. RL issues, so I have to leave the world.

Ultimately, I think the remaining teams and their leadership have done a fine job, so I still think highly of you, though I think aiolis was a snake to claim he would never attack me and had honored that personal agreement when his support for the only city I lost to an attack (gods of pizza) was 5 minutes from arriving to support the conquest and I was looking at it arrive as he typed his disengenuous message.


An overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path.​

In the year 2013 there were two major foces at war with eachother. One of them was known as the Juggernaut, the other was known as a cuddly species which went by the name of Sesame Street.


Let's start at the very beginning, shall we? A few days after the server started it became clear how Juggernaut was planning to crush everything in its path, by recruiting everybody on the world. At the externals they were soon known as an MRA. Even though being an MRA they did not create any academy's unlike the so-called elite alliance "Reckless Raiders". The Juggernaut ofcourse got scared by the fact they were not the alliance with the most members and quickly pacted them. This somehwat gave them some hope... But then this happened:


Yeah, that's right... they conquered a city. This is where their hope to become a good alliance reached the level of stupidity. Thinking they were invinsible they went to war with Sesame Street.


As you all know, Sesame Street has been playing together since 1969 and it clearly excists out of a close group of people. Going to war with them is clearly not the smartest move to make as an alliance. Since Reckless Raiders collapsed they were all on their own trying to fight Sesame Street. I think we can all guess what happened next...


And that my friends was the moment when their founder decided to disband his alliance. I hope you have all learned a few things today... If you haven't learned anything yet I'll just sum it up for you:

1 - Never call your alliance Juggernaut when you cannot live up to the name.
2 - Never hope too much.
3 - Never get into a war with a group of people who have been playing together for over 40 years.


Now what makes this war different is how it got started and how it has progressed. But the story of its start always confused me. But looking at it now I think it can be partially blamed the current GO diplomat TresEquis and to the same extend me. Now before you kill me tres the reason why I see it as your fault partially is because this all started with Unstable Connections and Legions of Gaul fighting. How this fighting started I'm still not sure but I have learned its best not to ask. Either way though both alliance were evenly matched and Spartan Legacy was slowly being dragged into it. At the time SL wasn't happy with the fighting of its two closest allies (sorry ROD guys but its true) but they were more concerned with fighting Order of Choas. Once OOC surrendered though the UC and LOG war became a problem. SL wanted to merge both UC and LOG into themand create a super alliance. Here is where tres comes in :). Tres being our spectacular diplomat was able to convince UC of the idea and he got them to agree to a ceasefire with LOG so talks on the merge could happen. From what I can tell he did more the talking with UC than LOG. He also had UC agree to a ceasefire which had them thinking that LOG had already agreed to this as well. Sadly LOG didn't agree to it (they actually refused to merge with into SL if UC was coming because they didnt trust them for some reason) and it never got pasted along to UC that they didn't agree. So LOG continued to attack and this got UC really mad. So this end talks with LOG about a merge but talks continued with UC and that merge did happen which left LOG a but confused as to why all there red flags suddenly turned green. But it also gave them time to prepare for a war against the Unstable Spartans with their new allies (or old I'm really not sure) New Era and The Immortals. So really what caused all this was a lack on communication (tres but mostly the SL council), people holding grudges (LOG and UC), and the SL council being a little unorganized creating that lack of communication (SL forum mod... "Hey that's me! Oh wait..."). Now start of this new fighting, you can go learn about in my older PnP right here


Now the war today GO VS. The Relentless hasn't changed much since the beginning. Still little ground is ever gain and still its really North Vs. South. I could explain all the merges but I think everyone knows those stories. Later once I gain the scoresheet that someone out there hopefully has, ill post it here. Other than that so far the war between the two biggest alliances has yet to break any alliance records.


Another thing that makes this war special is that most of the top 15 alliances have allied with either GO or Relentless. Most of the time it works out that if you are in the South you ally with GO and if you're in the North you ally with Relentless. Alliances with a GO next to them have taken GO's side. Alliance with an R next to them have taken the Relentless side. Alliance with a ??? next to them either don't have a side officially or I'm not sure I can tell you their side without getting in trouble.

1 Game Over GO
2 Relentless R
3 Lost Empire. GO
4 N.A.T.O GO
5 Revolting Wicked Trolls R
6 Blackwater Elites ???
7 The Immortals R
8 GGW aka Da Mob GO
9 Triad ???
10 Equilibrium R
11 The Thracian Rebirth ???
12 The Inglorious Bs GO
13 The Strip Joint GO
14 Elite. ??? (a food source for GO)
15 The Scared Band GO (this may not be accurate)

Now here is a little map to so you can make sense of this. Red is Relentless and allies, Blue is GO and allies, Purple is ???, and Yellow is everyone's favorite turtle. I put a couple extra alliances on this map as well because i felt like it. WARNING MAP MAY NEED UPDATING

The Prizes:
  • 1st - 500 Gold and a Gold medal
  • 2nd - 300 Gold and a Silver medal
  • 3rd - 100 Gold and a Bronze medal

Alright vote for your favorite!

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
AND the winner is...........dramatic pause and drumroll..........Dobby! Obsidian king comes in second with The Legendary Hoplite rounding it out in third. Congrats all and good work :)