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I see many people don't have a clue of the first year of the server...

The original leaders of BA were great people. I can't even remember their names anymore unfortunatly since it was a really long time ago, but I do remember how we took down a few big names at the time.
Daizan, no1 remembers him.. Really? Lord Brylle was a good player that is true. Lefty2balls was a good player but a moron. And leader of Chaotic or something like that in O56. Also can't remember him anymore. Remember he was very cocky and rude aswell....
Anyways, shame to hear ETA is closing... That was the server I learned most in my career and taught me all I needed to make a no1 ally on MU server. Still remember how I made BA and FATE turn red when I closed my acc :D


we remember daizan,but he left ETA before ETA become chaotic..


The stats don't really show the best players, just the highest scoring.

For me, the best are Moppy O, Sirgaz, and Testbej.
Moppy deserves legendary status in this game and taught and inspired me. She was a capable defender but rather than Lefty's 'all out attack with everything' strategy she taught me new ways in which to approach the game. Her friendship is also priceless :)

I've had some heated arguments with Sirgaz, but he has always remembered that our friendship is greater. He can watch my back anytime. He is an excellent organizer in attack or defense, and one of the very few players who I would not wish to defend against.

Testbej has been a staunch ally from our first talk, and I think has had a similar role to myself in holding UoW together. He is one of the greatest fighters in Eta and fully deserves every accolade. I knew nothing of him until I had to lead Fate and all of a sudden there were heaps of oceans and people instead of just my own little patch. BA was Fate's primary ally, and UoW was a distant friend of theirs, so it seemed. Anyway, the original BA ceased but UoW stepped up and became Fate's best ally. Testbej has personally helped myself and other Fate members at considerable distance even when under fire himself.

Of the three, only Testbej has outstanding battlepoints, but Moppy or Sirgaz lacked only availability or they would have killed just as many! All three players have inspired great efforts from their alliances and allies and caused fear in their foes. As I said, there are some great stats for these players but that is a poor measure, really. Great players, worthy of consideration for 'The Best of Eta' and due recognition regardless.

I would like to thank all the great players and people of Eta, on behalf of myself, and for Fate. It's not been an easy ride for us, but you have all made the game what it is: real people playing a game requiring effort and thought and earning real rewards by it. We all learn to hold our perspective, we find that staunch allies and friends are priceless when you have nothing left. We see that good will and co-operation will generally achieve more than belligerence. Acting aggressively without any support is and looks foolish when alliances are involved and friends will defend friends.
In the end, that is probably the most important part of the game. Camaraderie grows as does friendship with people from all over the world. Grepolis never cared about where you are from or what colour is your skin or if you have rich parents, etc. You can't buy respect anyway, but this game has shown that many unassuming players have been limited only by their availability. Those who act badly due to their nature gain a quit different, but also fully deserved reputation as honourless dogs no matter their skill level.

I want to thank every player for their contribution, and express my admiration for those truly great players who have given the rest of us goals to aim for.



Leonadius, Greetings. You were a great leader to keep FATE together no matter what. So ETA will remember you always. Respectfully, Kiryoz


very good Leo,

but the prize for the best and most poetic farewell message, goes to adam, he wrote in the forum:

"I am glad to have wasted 2 years of my life with you guys"

hehehe cheers to that.


I really adore my ex-Black A.R.M.A.D.A fellows and my old friend testbej but I have to say Lord Brylle should have a special reward for his fantastic game in ETA, just a like a legend.


thanks KingHekuran! :)

Best Player In Eta Ever..

goes to a player who can face hundreds of non stop attacks, every day 24/7 for 6 months
straight..alone... no alliance...he fought 3 big alliance (BA, UOW, Fate) all by him self.. (ask yourself, how long can you survive?:p)
most of the big players (they are also scared and former dogs of here in ETA know this guy. for sure they are one of the attackers.. ;)

this player was kicked and betrayed by his former alliance Phoenix Republic..because members of PR (like: brlinho. joke:)) are scared to death to BA .. (just like other alliance like UOW and Fate..hehe.) admit it! all of you are scared to BA before... lol

so Best Player in ETA is l_r_ b_y_l_e lol! :)

ok seriously for me best players are:

GigaEpsilon/Gigamlat (leader of Army of Zeus)--if Giga didnt quit maybe he is still rank 1 in ETA..
TK--former leader of UOW
James--my master.. i owe this guy bigtime!
P1mono--i owe this guy bigtime, humble and helped me a lot..
rygarr--helped me a lot..very humble..
kevinfc--one of the best player of TE..and i consider as one of my bf in TE..brave frontliner..
komagos--helped me a lot in the front line
Brlinho--my former best partner in Phoenix Republic,, me and brlinho is enough to take down Army of Zeus in o55..
Batvanio--very generous, a good man..

i think they are the first player who knows how to time attacks perfectly:
Joanna--good attacker
Moppy--very good attacker
Lefty--very good on offense..but a moron :) lol

and all TE members and leaders. thanks guys for inviting me to TE..
only TE have the guts to accept and invite me..
other alliance are all cowards..
i still remember other alliance don't invite me because they are all scared to BA.. lol

i respect TE! but there is one coward player of TE that is DAVUS. lol :)
this guy cant handle multiple massive incoming attacks.. hehe

but there is one person that helped me a lot..i forgot his name..
but he is very good on defense..i really owe this guy really bigtime..
he always help me..this person have cancer and he died last year..
if you can hear me, thank you very much bro!

all the names i mentioned, without them ETA is boring!

i will miss ETA! and all you guys.. :)
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