Bones and Skulls


Just look at my sig, it's right there in black an light brown that I am the #2 noob.

Edit"The color should be tan I think.


The great thing about this game is that if you want to do something about it you know where i'm all come with it...either take me out or shut your mouth.....that's the beauty of the game.

Joseph Nieves

god i'm bada**
Dude is it really that hard to stop spamming, multiposting, using profanity, and trolling. I think the best question is who let you in Bones and Skulls, you clearly have a character unsuitable for any alliance that wants to be respected amongst its peers. Do they know you are damaging the credibility and reputation of the alliance they made. I wish the best of luck to Bones and Skulls, but players who lack respect and self control could end up dragging the alliance down to the cellar :pro:



You make Bones and Skulls look bad.I suggest not to speak in the forum and do your talking on the battlefield as most players should do.If I was leader of Bones and Skulls you would of been kicked long ago.You see doruldor and all the rest of Bones of Skulls want to continue the good name they got from the other world.


B&S leaders and peps in general are one of finest people I had pleasure to meet in grepo.
Paros was weird world in general and I believe no hard feelings are left between players from there (exception would be some macc guy and few other peps).

They are great players and leaders and I bet this could be the world in which they ll shine.
One suggestion of mine to you would be to appoint someone active and eng speaking person that could be your diplo, because in Paros there was somewhat . . . slower exchange of info between alliances.

I wish you peps all the best and a lot of fun.
Good luck and good hunting B&S


What happened here? I knew that my new colleague is temperamental, but I do not I thought that he would move the war here. :)
If anyone was offended by his posts, I apologize.
Please let me time to read everything. My English is not very good.
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Why are you sorry, you weren't the one double posting and being a noob.